Seattle Seahawks

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We all know how awesome last season was. The excitement that Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Pete Carroll, and the rest of the Seahawks brought to the 12th Man was like nothing we had ever seen before. Going into this offseason the expectations were sky high for this Seahawks team but after […]

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Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey

8-5, an inside track to the playoffs, an outside chance at a first round bye in the playoffs and even a crazy, need everything to fall in place chance at the #1 seed in the NFC. The whole team is obviously a part of this impressive season but there are few players in the league […]

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Gonna make a guess here: Pete Carroll was saving Marshawn Lynch for this game against the Niners. Over the last dozen or so games Marshawn Lynch has averaged just over 23 carries per game. Against the Niners he only had 15. My guess? Seattle knew a running game would be key against the 49ers and […]

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Seattle can back it up!

This win against the Patriots was huge for the Seahawks. The 4-2 record it gave the team is awesome, beating the Patriots is awesome, and the confidence the team will have coming off this game is awesome. But I think the biggest factor that will come from this team is validation. Not necessarily in the […]

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Bill Simmons Picks Seahawks To Win The NFC

by Joe on September 7, 2012

Expect to see Russell Wilson jerseys filling the stands very soon

For years I have always liked Bill Simmons. He is entertaining to read and knows enough about sports to write about it well but also keep his posts light and fun. I enjoy some hardcore statistical analysis as much as the next guy and Simmons brings that in from time to time but I really […]

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Seattle Seahawks Nike Shirts

by Joe on April 4, 2012

Seattle Seahawks Nike T-shirt

After a few days of waiting the Seattle Seahawk Nike shirts are now for sale! Overall I really love the look of these shirts. The colors are awesome, the new logo looks great on them, and I think Nike hit these out of the ballpark. I can’t wait to see the sweatshirts and jackets which […]

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21 Teams Better Than The Seahawks???

by Joe on March 23, 2012

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man came out with some Power Rankings today and right now they have the Seahawks at #22.  22? Are you kidding me? Do the writers at ESPN really think there are 21 teams out there that are better than the Seahawks? I know as it stands now the Seahawks are not a top 10 team […]

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Peyton Manning as a Cardinal?

by Joe on March 12, 2012

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At the moment it is looking like Peyton Manning won’t be a Seattle Seahawk. So far it looks like he won’t even meet with them. Of course I am a Seahawks fan and I would love for Manning to play his home games in Seattle next year and I am biased when I say this […]

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Peyton Manning as a Seahawk?

by Joe on February 3, 2012

Peyton Manning Seattle Seahawks

The rumors are out there so I figured I would give my opinion on the matter because I know you all really care what I think (along with every other person with a microphone or a keyboard): What will happen with Peyton Manning next year? If I was I Jim Irsay I would cut him. […]

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Seahawks 17, Niners 19 – The Aftermath

by Joe on December 26, 2011

First Seahawks Game

Sorry I am a day late getting this out to you. Been kinda busy around here. More on that in a bit. Anyway, it was a pretty decent game against the San Francisco 49ers. Seattle took a quick lead with a TD on their opening drive, held that lead throughout the first half, lost the […]

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