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2012 Seahawks Schedule

The Seahawks schedule is out for the 2012 season. Overall the Seahawks have a pretty tough looking schedule both in terms of the teams they are playing and the travel. Seattle regularly travels more than any other team in the NFL and this year will be no different. Road trips to Miami, Carolina, Buffalo (played […]

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21 Teams Better Than The Seahawks???

by Joe on March 23, 2012

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man came out with some Power Rankings today and right now they have the Seahawks at #22.  22? Are you kidding me? Do the writers at ESPN really think there are 21 teams out there that are better than the Seahawks? I know as it stands now the Seahawks are not a top 10 team […]

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The Magical Marshawn Lynch Domino Train

by Joe on March 6, 2012

Peyton Manning Seahawks Jersey

The Seahawks made their first big move in the offseason signing Marshawn Lynch to a 4 year deal worth $31 million with $18 million guaranteed. I love this deal! It works for Lynch, it works for the Seahawks, and it works for the fans. But more importantly it starts the magical domino train that is […]

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How Good Is The 12th Pick?

by Joe on February 28, 2012

The Seahawks lost the coin toss with the Kansas City Chiefs a few days back and now have the 12th pick in the upcoming NFL draft. I don’t really think picking 11th or 12th will make that much difference especially since the Chiefs and Seahawks have different needs. But how good is the 12th pick? […]

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Peyton Manning as a Seahawk?

by Joe on February 3, 2012

Peyton Manning Seattle Seahawks

The rumors are out there so I figured I would give my opinion on the matter because I know you all really care what I think (along with every other person with a microphone or a keyboard): What will happen with Peyton Manning next year? If I was I Jim Irsay I would cut him. […]

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5 Seahawks In The Pro Bowl

by Joe on January 28, 2012

Nike Vapor Jet Pro Bowl Gloves

I can’t really remember ever sitting down and watching a whole Pro-Bowl game but this year might be the one. Five Seahawks are heading to the Pro Bowl this year and I can’t wait to see them out on the field performing with some of the best players in the game. Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, […]

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Ndamukong Suh Stopm

Another week, another week closer to the playoffs. The Seahawks got the victory they needed but unfortunately a couple of the teams we needed to lose ended up winning. Basically Seattle is fighting with 6 teams for one of two wild card spots. One of those teams will win the NFC East so we don’t […]

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Seahawks Playoff Chances

by Joe on December 6, 2011

Seahawks Beat Rams

5-7 right now. Not an amazing record but the win this last Sunday against the Eagles kept the Seahawks alive in the hunt for a playoff spot. San Francisco has clinched the NFC West already so that leaves the Seahawks fighting for a wild card spot. Odds are they will miss out on the post […]

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Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks

After the victory over the Rams on Sunday the Seahawks are now sitting at 4-6. Currently there are 5 other teams that are sitting at 4-6. How does Seattle stack up against them? Let’s take a quick look: Cleveland Browns – Cleveland has a good defense but their offense is horrible. They have beaten the […]

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How bad was Charlie this past weekend?

12 for 30, 97 yards and an interception. Those are some pretty horrible numbers. But was he bad enough to be the worst player in the NFL this week? Of course I can’t watch every play of every game (Or can I….) and can’t keep track of every player but there are some stats we […]

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