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Could the Seahawks draft a Heisman Winner?

by Joe on December 9, 2011

Robert Griffin III

First let me state a couple things: 1. The draft is a LONG way off. These players could get injured, busted for something, have a terrible combine or pro day, or any of a hundred things that will cause them to drop in the draft. 2. At this moment I expect the Seahawks to win […]

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3 Question Marks for the Seahawks this year

by Joe on September 8, 2011

This has been a very weird offseason with the lockout, abbreviated free agency, no OTAs or rookie camps, and a shortened training camp. I think all teams will go through some struggles because of this early in the season and I think it will especially hurt young teams and teams that are relying on good […]

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Tarvaris Jackson Seattle Seahawks

Well, the time finally came. Matt Hasselbeck is no longer a Seattle Seahawks and has agreed to a deal with the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee was willing to offer him a multi-year deal and was able to offer him more in terms of long term security than Seattle was willing to. I really do hate to […]

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Time to wake up the 12th Man

by Joe on July 26, 2011

It is time to wake up the 12th Man! The 2011 NFL season is upon us and the NFL is back in business. Teams can now start talking to free agents (even though they can’t officially sign them until Friday), work with other teams on trades, and sign undrafted free agents. And like last year […]

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Roster Breakdown – Linebacker

by Joe on May 14, 2011

Aaron Curry Jerseys

If you missed the first Roster Breakdown – Offensive Line be sure to check it out. Basically I am looking at all the positions and seeing if the Seahawks are in OK shape or if they need some free agency help. As it stands now here are the current Seahawks linebackers on the roster: Aaron […]

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Roster Breakdown – Offensive Line

by Joe on May 13, 2011

Russell Okung Jerseys

With the lockout dragging on we need some Seahawks action to talk about. It is looking like it will be July before the owners and players have any meaningful discussion so it is looking like we won’t have much time for free agency before the season starts so we will have to be ready for […]

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This is a guest post from Matthew at The Sky Is Not Falling – 2011 Draft Edition With the 2011 draft now behind us, it would appear that Seattle will lose every game next year. Yep, that’s right, every single game. Cancel your season tickets, put your jerseys back in the closet, and go […]

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Thinking about the Seahawks draft

by Joe on May 2, 2011

James Carpenter Seattle Seahawks

Did the Seahawks have a good draft? Are you happy with the Seahawks draft? Are the players drafted by the Seahawks gonna be studs or duds? Well, I really wish I could tell you but it is SO hard to analyze a draft so soon after and this draft is an even bigger problem than […]

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Seattle Seahawks Draft Grades

by Joe on May 2, 2011

James Carpenter Seahawks

The draft is over and I will get into my analysis of it later today or tomorrow but I wanted to take a look at the other draft grades from some of the “experts” out there. There is a wide variety of grades ranging from a B+ to a D. The experts all have different […]

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In some ways I think this is the most important pick in the draft for the Seattle Seahawks. Barring any trades the Seahawks pick at #57, the 25th pick in the second round. They went O-line and took James Carpenter in the first round. They still have needs on defense and at QB so there […]

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