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Seahawks Secondary – Legion of Boom

by Joe on September 5, 2012


Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman – The Seattle starting CBs and safeties for the 2012 season are poised to be the best position group on the field for the Seahawks and are probably the best secondary in the league. I have little doubt this group (add in backups like Marcus Trufant, […]

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Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn?

by Joe on August 24, 2012

My friend once said this when talking about deciding between two good options: “toss a coin, when its in the air your heart will know which side you *want* it to land on”. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? That is the debate raging in the minds of Seahawks fans everywhere. Do you start the rookie 3rd […]

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25 Thoughts on the 2012 Seattle Seahawks

by Joe on August 10, 2012

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I purposely have held off posting anything since the NFL Draft so if you are a huge fan of my insightful posts and correct opinions (that folks, is sarcasm) and you have missed it over these past few months I apologize. But I have a couple reasons for my silence: I have a 7 month […]

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OK, the draft starts in a couple minutes but it should be a while before the Seahawks pick so I will give you my final 5 players I wouldn’t mind see the Seahawks drafting at #12. These are not in too much of a particular order and there could always be trades that shift all […]

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2012 Marshawk Lynch Jersey

All the NFL teams will have former players announce their second and third round picks and the Seahawks will get to have Walter Jones walking to the podium for them. There is no better Seahawks for this honor than Walter Jones. He is probably (OK, not probably. For sure) the best Seattle Seahawk of all […]

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Red Bryant Seahawks

A couple days into free agency and there are still lots of questions for every team out there and some great players are still available. Fans love to overreact during these first couple days when most of the big name players sign huge contracts with other teams and they rip their front offices for not […]

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Peyton Manning as a Cardinal?

by Joe on March 12, 2012

Peyton Manning Arizona Cardinals Jersey

At the moment it is looking like Peyton Manning won’t be a Seattle Seahawk. So far it looks like he won’t even meet with them. Of course I am a Seahawks fan and I would love for Manning to play his home games in Seattle next year and I am biased when I say this […]

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The Magical Marshawn Lynch Domino Train

by Joe on March 6, 2012

Peyton Manning Seahawks Jersey

The Seahawks made their first big move in the offseason signing Marshawn Lynch to a 4 year deal worth $31 million with $18 million guaranteed. I love this deal! It works for Lynch, it works for the Seahawks, and it works for the fans. But more importantly it starts the magical domino train that is […]

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Peyton Manning as a Seahawk?

by Joe on February 3, 2012

Peyton Manning Seattle Seahawks

The rumors are out there so I figured I would give my opinion on the matter because I know you all really care what I think (along with every other person with a microphone or a keyboard): What will happen with Peyton Manning next year? If I was I Jim Irsay I would cut him. […]

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Melvin Ingram Seahawks

I am not gonna lie. I LOVE mock drafts. These next few months are great because there will be hundreds of different mock drafts to look at, analyze, second guess, dream about, curse silently (and vocally), and over analyze. Mel Kiper Jr. came out with his first mock draft this morning and while he isn’t […]

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