Seahawks Game Thoughts

Seahawks 22, Ravens 17 – The Aftermath

by Joe on November 14, 2011

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode

Well, I don’t know about you but I am still feeling pretty stoked after this win against one of the NFL’s best teams. Going into this week all anyone could talk about what how great the Ravens were, how they had a great comeback win against the Steelers, and how they controlled their destiny in […]

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How To Beat The Ravens

by Joe on November 11, 2011

Chris Clemons Seattle Seahawks

I will admit it: Behind the Seahawks my second favorite team in the NFL is the Baltimore Ravens. But listen to me when I say this: I want the Seahawks to demolish the Ravens this week. I will never be one of those guys who says “Well, at least if someone had to beat the Seahawks […]

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Would the All 22 footage be a good thing??

by Joe on November 9, 2011

CenturyLink Field Seattle Seahawks

Yesterday I was looking through Coffee and Cigarettes links and came across two different articles talking about the lack of access to the “All 22” game film from and To sum it up, the All 22 footage is shot from endzone cameras and gives a view of all the players on the […]

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Cowboys 23 Seahawks 13 – The Aftermath

by Joe on November 7, 2011

Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks

Another week, another loss for the Seahawks. Once again there were problems but also some good things to come out of this game. But let me get one thing clear: 2-6 SUCKS!!! I hate losing these games. Looking back at the losses these are, for the most part, games that the Seahawks could have won. […]

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Bengals 34, Seahawks 12 – The Aftermath

by Joe on October 31, 2011


Where to start? Do we start with the good or the bad??? OK, let’s get the bad out of the way so we can have some good thoughts moving forward. 1. Charlie Whitehurst is a waste of a roster spot. I really see no reason to keep Whitehurst on the roster. I think we have […]

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What do the Bengals bring to the table?

by Joe on October 28, 2011

Doug Baldwin Seahawks

How can Seattle beat the Bengals? Well, the smart alex answer is “score more points than them”. But I wanted to go a bit deeper than that. So let’s dig a bit and see what it will take for the Seahawks to beat the Bengals and what the Bengals bring to the table. 1. Who […]

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Cleveland 6, Seattle 3: The Aftermath

by Joe on October 24, 2011

Seattle Seahawks Pillow Pet

I felt sick. That pretty much sums it up. How can a team that looked very competent in the last 6 quarters against pretty good teams in Atlanta and New York come out looking so terrible against a mediocre at best Cleveland team? Was it the bye week layoff? Was it overconfidence? Was it lack […]

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Who on the Browns should scare us?

by Joe on October 19, 2011

Earl Thomas Seahawks

Take an above average NFL fan. This is someone who watches nearly all their teams games, might watch another game or two a week, follows their teams online, has a fantasy team or two, and all in all has a pretty good handle on the league as a whole. Then ask them if they could […]

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I love looking through box scores on a Sunday evening. Not just the Seahawks games but for all the NFL games. It is interesting to take the stats, look at the final score, and figure out which stats were the important ones and game changers. It isn’t always just the highest yardage totals that win. […]

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Seattle 36, NY Giants 25: The Aftermath

by Joe on October 10, 2011

There was so much to like about this game and a few concerning aspects but overall it was pretty awesome to see the Seattle Seahawks go on the road, go to the east coast, play a 10 AM game, take an early lead, fight through a ton of injuries, come from behind, and get a […]

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