About Me

Well, as you can guess I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. I was born in Seattle and lived there until I was 8 and then moved to Spokane. As long as I can remember I have been a Seahawks fan. I remember the Zorn-Largent era, the dreadful Tom Flores era, Ground Chuck, Holmgren coming to town, the NFC Championship game against the Panthers, and so on and so forth.

Am I the Ultimate Seahawks Fan?  Well, probably not. I am sure there are bigger fans out there. But you can rest assured I am a huge fan. I currently own somewhere between 15-20 jerseys from my first Anthony Simmons jersey to my most recent purchases: Russell Okung and Earl Thomas. My hat collection is up to about 20 also and there are dozens of shirts in my closet. Add in all the other various Seahawks gear and you could outfit a small country.

I first got my season tickets when the Seahawks played in Husky Stadium and have been making the 600 mile round trip numerous times a year ever since to see the Seahawks rock Qwest Field. When the 12th Man gets cranking there is nothing like it in sports. From my seats in the Hawks Nest I have seen some great moments (the NFC Championship beatdown of the Panthers, Romo’s fumble) and some devastating heartbreaks (losing to the Rams 3 times in a year, most of the games the past two years).

On this site you will hear thoughts and opinions from me (and hopefully some of you), see some of the latest Seattle Seahawks jerseys, shirts, and merchandise available, read my game recaps, and pretty much everything else related to the Seahawks.

Thanks for visiting and if you ever have any questions please feel free to drop me an email at info @ ultimateseahawksfan.com