The Best Seahawks Christmas Gift Ever – A Dream Experience with Marshawn

by Joe on December 17, 2013

Of course we all know the best Seahawks Christmas Gift ever would be a Super Bowl trophy residing in the arms of Pete Carroll, Paul Allen, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the rest of the Seahwawks in a few weeks. There is a great possibility of that happening this year and for the next few years but isn’t a month an a half a long time to wait?

Yeah, of course we all want some new Seahawks jerseys or hats or sweatshirts and those make great gifts but don’t you want something more?

I came across a website today that can pretty much provide something no other website can. They will let you create your own dream experience with Marshawn Lynch. The site is and what they do is provide some once in a lifetime experiences with professional athletes, actors, musicians, celebrity chefs, and more. You want a 15 minute chat with Olympian Summer Sanders? You can do that for $800. Do you want Chris Cornell’s custom Harley FXR? It is yours for $35,000. Do you want Tyler Florence to design your dream kitchen and cook you a meal? Whip out the AMEX and drop $45,000 your dream becomes a reality.

Marshawn Lynch Dream Experience What is your dream experience with Marshawn Lynch?

But we want to talk about Marshawn. has relationships with athletes and celebrities and partners up with them and their charities  to put together these once in a lifetime experiences. The charity Marshawn Lynch partners with is the Family First Foundation which supports non-profits that promotes, supports and defends the natural family.

For the Minnesota Vikings game they were offering a VIP Gameday Experience which included a tour of the Seahawks training facility, the opportunity to attend a walkthrough practice, a private meet and greet with Marshawn, some autographs, tickets to the game, pre-game field passes, and more.

Since that game is passed that offer is no longer on the table but the thing I found interesting is they allow you to create your own dream experience. You can submit your idea and your offer and will try to make it happen. Obviously if you suggest something crazy like ride on the team charter to the Super Bowl and hang out in the locker room with the team and bid $500 there is no chance it will be accepted. But since this is benefiting charity I am guessing if you could come up with a reasonable dream experience and be willing to pay quite a bit for it there is a chance it could happen.

Got an idea for a dream experience with Marshawn Lynch? Submit it here. 

So what would your dream experience with Marshawn Lynch look like? Here are a couple ideas I had:

1. Attend Marshawn Lynch’s youth football camps he puts on in Oakland – Marshawn gets a bad rap from some people but he spends a ton of time pouring into the youth in the Oakland area. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him in that type of environment?

2. Get a custom grill with Marshawn

3. I think it would be awesome just to have him over to the house for a bbq some summer afternoon. Just a few hours to hang with him by the pool, eat some ribs, toss back a few bags of skittles…

4. Speaking of Skittles, how about getting him to autograph a bag for you. Seems like $1000 could make that happen.

5. Maybe spend a day with him at training camp, get to be on the practice fields, have a meal with the team in the cafeteria, and lift weights with Marshawn.

6. Go Beast Mode on some fish out on the boat

7. Take a ride in Marshawn’s new Lamborghini Aventador

What would you do if you could have a dream experience with Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks? Go to the Marshawn Lynch page on and submit your idea. You never know what will be accepted. You can also just submit a message to be hand delivered to Marshawn. How cool is that? So take a minute and send Marshawn a message and submit your idea. If accepted it could be the best Seahawks Christmas Gift ever for someone.


Bill and Kathy Sutherland December 17, 2013 at 9:51 pm

We live basically off of our ssi benefits after my husband’s fall from the neighbor’s roof! Still, that doesn’t stop us from working 7 days a week doing janitorial duties at our local VFW. We get a small per diem wage for that. But, we volunteer our services as cooks, waiters, patient people (at times!) for Sunday breakfasts. We change the breakfast menu each week and everyone who comes in look forward to what we have on that day! We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to give back to the Veteran’s who have given so much for us! $5.00 a plate. Our wish for Christmas is to have you and any other 12 come for breakfast. We and our Veterans would love that. We pack the bar for Seahawk Sunday here in Sequim! Thanks .. Love from your Beast Mode Fans, Bill and Kathy Sutherland and the locals at our VFW Post #4760

Joe December 17, 2013 at 10:06 pm

Awesome story Bill and Kathy. Did you submit an a idea or send Marshawn a message about coming to help? I would guess the changes of it happening would be very low but it never hurts to ask. Visit this page and submit a message or an idea. You never know what can happen.

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