What I Would Really Hate To See

by Joe on August 12, 2013

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you know that during the 49ers game the 12th Man will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium crowd. The folks at https://www.facebook.com/OfficialVolume12 are the brains behind this. You can also see more information at http://vol12.com/world-record

Anyway, the first official attempt will be during the first possession for the Niners. As always the crowd will be crazy for this game (why did I have to pick this season to move across the country to Jacksonville???) but during this game they will be extra crazy and due to the World Record attempt they will be even crazier. If you were an opposing coach would you want the 12th Man taking to an even higher level against you? Of course not.

If Harbaugh and the 49ers were smart here is what I think they should do:  When they first have possession they should get lined up at the line of scrimmage. No huddle or anything. They should know what they are gonna do and have no need for a huddle. As soon as the ref whistles the ball ready for play they should almost immediately get in their stance snap the ball for a simple QB sneak or handoff. No checking at the line, no audibles, no shifting to adjust for the defense. If they do this it will totally thwart the record breaking efforts. I would hate to see this.

Of course as a Seahawks fan I am hoping for a false start penalty, delay of game, or a wasted time out due to the noise. Or a missed communication resulting in a turnover. Any of those outcomes and the crowd would go even crazier.  I doubt Harbaugh is smart enough to do something simple like snap the ball or hand the ball off. He is an arrogant pile and will think he and his team can overcome the crowd noise. But he will be sadly mistaken.


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