A Seahawk in Florida

by Joe on August 3, 2013

After 32 years of living in Spokane I packed up my family and moved to Jacksonville a month ago.

Why Jacksonville? Well, truth be told it is probably one of the last places I would choose to go. Florida has never been on my list of favorite places but there is a company here I have been kind of partnered with since 2002 or so. I have never been an employee of there’s but they went Godfather on me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

This company is a perfect fit for me to. They are the largest online licensed sports merchandise retailer and they power the NFL Shop and even the new Seahawks Pro Shop site. So basically I get to look at different sports related websites and figure out how I can get them to send us traffic. It is in an industry I have been connected with for over a decade so it is a perfect job for me.

But a Seahawks fan in Jacksonville? I actually have seen a handful of Seahawks flags and bumper stickers down here and it isn’t like Jacksonville has a rich football tradition. A couple weeks ago I got to meet Percy Harvin (only 60 miles from Gainesville here) at a local mall where he was doing an autograph signing (no, I didn’t kick him in the hip and injure him) and I have met a couple different Seahawks fans around town. So there are a few of us here.

Now I get to learn what many of you have gone through being Seahawks fans and not really having any realistic opportunity to go to games as often as you want. The Seahawks do play in Atlanta so I will probably make it to that game but not being able to join the 12th Man in Century Link Field this year? It tears at my heart every day. This is a great excuse to get Sunday Ticket though so I won’t have to miss any games.

Anyway, I should have more time this year for posting. I slacked off last year but I make a vow to not do that this year. This will be a primary way I stay connected with the Seahawks and the 12th Man.

Let me know if you have any questions about Jacksonville or my new job in the comments below.

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