Percy Harvin Seahawks Jerseys

by Joe on March 15, 2013

In the past finding a good selection of Seattle Seahawks jerseys online has been tough. Since they are generally a forgotten team in this league the jersey manufacturers were not exactly tripping over themselves to put out new Seahawks jerseys.

That all changed last April when the new Seahawks jerseys were released. Seattle was Nike’s guinea pigs with the new designs and I gotta say they hit a home run. I am gonna go out on a limb and say more Seattle Seahawks jerseys were sold last year than in any previous year. And this year? With all the excitement building around the Seattle Seahawks? I am guessing we will see even more sold this year.

My guess is Russell Wilson will sell more jerseys this year than any Seahawk in any previous year. He fits the mold of a jersey seller. He is a QB, he is a great player, he is a winner, and he is a “good guy” that people like. His jersey will sell with casual fans and diehards alike. Marshawn Lynch is a fan favorite, Richard Sherman is getting a lot of media exposure, and young players like Bobby Wagner are gaining steam. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are also gonna be hot sellers.
So where does a player like Percy Harvin fit in as far as jersey sales? Big name free agents are almost always good sellers and Nike already has his jersey ready for sale through the NFL Shop. He is a name most football fans across the country will recognize and is a game changing player. Percy Harvin also played for the Florida Gators who have a huge national following. With all due respect to Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, and Doug Baldwin who I think are great players and I love having on the team it seems like Percy Harvin will be the receiver who will get the attention. Top receivers are always good jersey sellers.

Percy Harvin should be one of the top 5 Seahawks jerseys this year and maybe even top 3. I know he is on my short list of jerseys to buy this year and the excitement he has already brought to the 12th Man has my expectations through the roof. Add in Cliff Avrill and Michael Bennett (my top 2 defensive ends in free agency) and this will be an awesome season for the Seahawks.

Go buy your Seahawks jersey today. Whether it is Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, or Percy Harvin lets cover this nation with Seahawks Blue!

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