Harvin!!! Avrill!!! – Very excited about these two

by Joe on March 14, 2013

We all know how awesome last season was. The excitement that Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Pete Carroll, and the rest of the Seahawks brought to the 12th Man was like nothing we had ever seen before. Going into this offseason the expectations were sky high for this Seahawks team but after just a couple days of free agency they are even higher.

Shop for Official Percy Harvin Seattle Seahawks Jerseys at NFLShop.comLanding a dynamic offensive player like Percy Harvin will make this one of the scariest offenses in the league. How do you prepare for a running back like Marshawn Lynch, a QB like Wilson, and a playmaker like Harvin all at the same time? And that isn’t even thinking about Tate, Rice, and Miller. Every play you will have 6 different offensive weapons that all bring their own unique skills to the play. Imagine a 2nd and 6 – Wilson is under center with Lynch behind as a tailback and Harvin as an H-back. Wilson turns and does a play fake to Marshawn with Harvin leaking out towards the flat. Both safetys will be dead at that point. If one doesn’t come up to cover Harvin we could see quick dump to him. If the safetys do come up that leaves a wide open seam for Miller. If a CB cheats to cover the middle Wilson can hit Rice streaking down the sideline. And don’t forget the threat of Wilson just tucking the ball and running. So very scary and so very awesome.

With Chris Clemons tearing up his knee on the terrible field in Washington we all knew Seattle would do something to improve the pass rush. When the lists of available free agents came out Cliff Avrill was a name that stood out to me. He is a fairly consistent 10 sack guy for the past few seasons but isn’t a one trick pony and can also hold up against the run. All in all he has a pretty similar skill set and resume to Clemons. With Avrill, Clemons (when he can get back from the injury) and Irvin on the ends of the D-line I think Seattle has plenty of outside pressure on the roster.

Seattle will still need to look at D-tackles both to stuff the run and to get some interior pressure and it is never a bad thing to have more options on the O-line but overall I would be very, very confident for this team to take the field as is. There aren’t any pressing “needs” in the draft right now so Seattle can be as creative as they want to be with trades, drafting the best player available, and as always unearthing some gems in the late rounds of the draft.

What is the ceiling on this team? I really have no idea. Of course it is easy to say they are among the favorites for the Super Bowl this year but we could be looking at an all time great team. In some ways it is scary entering a season where just making the playoffs would be a disappointment. This team has the potential to do something very special. Fine, I will get the jinx out of the way and mention an undefeated season, record setting defense, and an offense that just makes opponents look stupid while they are trying to cover everyone.

Get ready 12s. We are in for an awesome ride for the next few years.

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