What did the Patriots win do for the Seahawks?

by Joe on October 17, 2012

This win against the Patriots was huge for the Seahawks. The 4-2 record it gave the team is awesome, beating the Patriots is awesome, and the confidence the team will have coming off this game is awesome.

But I think the biggest factor that will come from this team is validation. Not necessarily in the eyes of the media (I will touch on that in a bit) but in the eyes of both the players on the field and the fans.

When I was looking at the schedule before the season started obviously I wanted the Seahawks to go 16-0 but realistically? I, along with nearly every reasonable person out there probably had this game chalked up in the loss column. Most Seahawks fans knew this was a good team that would win quite a few games this year but weren’t quite ready to put them into that “elite” category where they can beat the best.

The win against Green Bay? Most people will call that one a fluke or maybe a lucky win at best. Dallas? The way the Cowboys have looked in other games I don’t think it is a shock that Seattle could demoralize them like they did. Carolina? That was an easy one. But coming back from double digits against Tom Brady, Bill Bellicheck, and the Patriots? Nobody expected that.

Seattle didn’t beat New England with some fake FG play, they didn’t get helped out by any bad officiating, they didn’t have a bunch of breaks go their way. They just played their game, hit the big plays when they needed to, and by the end of the game they beat the tar out of New England.

After this game this team is now validated in the eyes of the fans around the league and Seahawk fans. We now know this is a team that can compete for and win a Super Bowl this year. Will they? That remains to be seen. But they have shown they can beat some good teams and looking at the rest of the schedule there isn’t a game on there that they “should” lose. They are all winnable games now. Forget building for next year. This is a team that can win right now. The Seahawks proved with this win against the Pats that they are for real this year, this defense makes the plays when needed, Russell Wilson can make the plays he needs to make, and this team can win.

Also a victory like this has to do a lot for the morale in the locker room. Of course the players play hard and go into every game playing to win but if you were to get into their minds, deep into their minds they most likely were going into this game knowing a loss was a great probability. Dynastic teams have a way of doing that to you. But after this win I am hoping the players can truly believe that every game they play is a winnable game. They have the talent and scheme to punch every team in this league right in the mouth and take any victory they want.

Seattle can back it up!

As far as the media is concerned, I know there is always that “Seahawks never get any respect” thing that we Seahawk fans throw around all the time. But we beat the Patriots. We beat the Packers. We beat Cam Newton and the Panthers. And we beat the Cowboys. We beat three media darling teams and a team that most of the media was very high on this past offseason. Will the media still ignore the Seahawks? Yeah, probably. But that just proves they are idiots.

Russell Wilson showed us he could lead game winning drives and hit big plays. Richard Sherman showed us he will make big plays. Brandon Browner showed us he will hit anything that comes near him. Bobby Wagner showed us that he is a tackling machine. Leon Washington showed us he can break a big return at any time. Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Zach Miller, and Braylon Edwards showed us they can make big catches and big plays. Mebane, Bryant, Branch and co. showed nobody can run on them. And of course we know what Marshawn has showed us.

All this was greatly summarized by the Richard Sherman/Tom Brady spat. Brady is basically an icon and one of the best QBs of the past decade. And a second year CB stood up to him and backed it up with some great coverage and an interception. After the game he made sure Brady knew about it also.

This team showed us a lot on the field on Sunday. A victory like this needs to be a season defining moment for this Seahawks team and they need to take whatever momentum, fire, determination, or whatever you want to call it down to San Francisco and firmly plant a flag saying “We are the Seahawks! You step on to our field and you will go home crying! We will punish you for 60 minutes.”

Jerseys of the game: This is a new feature I want to add. Basically I will be giving you links to buy the jerseys of 3 of the most important players in any particular game

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