Should we expect a big game from Marshawn Lynch?

by Joe on October 18, 2012

Gonna make a guess here: Pete Carroll was saving Marshawn Lynch for this game against the Niners.

Over the last dozen or so games Marshawn Lynch has averaged just over 23 carries per game. Against the Niners he only had 15.

My guess? Seattle knew a running game would be key against the 49ers and with a short week they reigned in Lynch against the Pats so they could unleash Beast Mode against San Fran. I fully expect 25-30 carries from Lynch this game and he should go comfortably over 100 yards.

Also with the ability Seattle showed to hit plays down field the Niners can’t just stack the box and hope Seattle doesn’t hit the big plays. There should be open running lanes for Marshawn Lynch all game and since he got a little extra rest on Sunday he should be strong enough to unload on San Fran.

Look, I really have no idea if Pete Carroll was thinking about this at all vs the Pats. But looking at it I can see some sense in it. The New England secondary is suspect so why not shift towards the pass and give the running game a bit of a rest knowing that we were able to beat San Fran last year on the back of a strong running game by Lynch.

What are you expecting from Marshawn Lynch this week?

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