Seahawks Secondary – Legion of Boom

by Joe on September 5, 2012

Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman – The Seattle starting CBs and safeties for the 2012 season are poised to be the best position group on the field for the Seahawks and are probably the best secondary in the league.

I have little doubt this group (add in backups like Marcus Trufant, Jeron Johnson, Byron Maxwell and the rest) will lead the league in interceptions, interception returns, sacks, and tackles for loss this year. Basically this group makes big plays. They sent 3 players to the Pro Bowl last year and there is a good chance all 4 could make it this year.

With the improved pass rush I think the secondary will have even more interceptions this year and it will be very tough for teams to move the ball through the air against this team. They might still be susceptible to some big plays but the short and intermediate routes will be shut down.

I saw this t-shirt earlier from Homers Apparel. Pretty much sums it all up:

The Legion of Boom. Is that the nickname we are going with for this group? It fits well. These guys are gonna keep opposing offensive coordinators, coaches, QBs, and WRs up for many nights before game time. They won’t just mess with the passing game either. Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are both more than willing and able to stick their nose in the running game. Have you see Kam Chancellor’s solo tackles of some RBs last year? Sherman and Browner are both great at run defense as well.

If you are still skeptical check out this video of what these 4 players did last year.

Remember, these players only have 6 years of playing experience COMBINED! For the next decade this could be the group of players that epitomizes the Seahawks and will lead them to many deep playoff runs and hopefully a Lombardi trophy or two.

I will be ready for the game on Sunday with my Kam Chancellor jersey and will hopefully be adding Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner to my jersey collection soon. The Legion of Boom is here and they will be game changers all season long.


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