Bill Simmons Picks Seahawks To Win The NFC

by Joe on September 7, 2012

For years I have always liked Bill Simmons. He is entertaining to read and knows enough about sports to write about it well but also keep his posts light and fun. I enjoy some hardcore statistical analysis as much as the next guy and Simmons brings that in from time to time but I really do like that he writes like a normal guy.

Anyway, in his NFL preview column today there are two big items to take note of.

1. He has Russell Wilson as his top QB.

2. He has the Seahawks picked to win 12 games and make the Super Bowl.

Now, the fact that he has Alex Smith as his #4 QB puts those rankings into question but if you look at his reasoning for liking Wilson it is pretty accurate. Russell Wilson might not be the most physically gifted QB in the league but within a couple quick years his other qualities like leadership, confidence, personality, etc. could put him among the greats in the game.

I also love the fact that Simmons picks Seattle to win the NFC this year and go to the Super Bowl. Look, I know there are some other good teams in the NFC (Packers, Bears, Falcons, Saints, Philly, etc) and I think it wouldn’t be a shock to see any of those teams in the Super Bowl. But someone from the national media actually picking Seattle? I love it! I don’t get too caught up in the “Seattle gets no respect from the media” thing but it is always nice for someone to see what we see as fans.

This is a Seattle team with the best secondary in the league, a very good defense overall, a good running game, a great coach and front office, and a young QB who has potential to be very good this year. There are some questions at O-line and receiver but the rest of this team is championship caliber.

I have been wavering back and forth between predicting 10, 11, and 12 wins for this team. They do have a tough schedule but most of their tougher games are at home (GB, NE, Dallas in particular) which is a huge advantage. They should win 5 or 6 games in the division, they should beat the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins, and they should beat Minnesota. That gives them 9 or 10 wins. If they can take two games from Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, New England, Dallas, and Carolina that will put them at 11 or 12. That seems to be looking more and more realistic. I will have my final game by game predictions either later today or tomorrow and we will see how it all plays out.

If Bill Simmon’s predictions are even close you can expect to see Russell Wilson jerseys filling the stands over the next couple of years. Wilson will be the next Seattle sports hero and will be one of the great stories in the league. Pete Carroll will be considered a genius and you will see more and more teams copy his style. Gus Bradley will get some looks for a head coaching position. And free agents will be wanting to come to Seattle. This could be a great season in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

Expect to see Russell Wilson jerseys filling the stands very soon


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