Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn?

by Joe on August 24, 2012

My friend once said this when talking about deciding between two good options: “toss a coin, when its in the air your heart will know which side you *want* it to land on”.

Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? That is the debate raging in the minds of Seahawks fans everywhere. Do you start the rookie 3rd round pick who doesn’t have the height to be a prototype QB in the NFL but has performed wonderfully in the preseason? Or do you start the guy who has been a backup for a couple years, has shown brilliance when given the chance in the regular season, and looks more like an NFL QB. Should Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn be the starter for the season?

I have read a couple good articles on this issue lately from Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard, Hawkblogger, and from Mike Sando on There are many factors to look at in this decision, many different ways to approach it, and many different outcomes.

The bottom line for me: I DON”T CARE!!! Don’t take this to mean I am apathetic about the Seahawks. I know this decision will be huge for the team this year but also for the future. Whichever QB starts the season has the chance to lead this team to multiple playoff appearances and maybe a Super Bowl or two over the next decade. Basically, I really like Wilson and Flynn and I know whoever gets the nod will be the QB that gives this team the best chance to win.

Wilson is starting in the 3rd preseason game tonight which usually means he would be the starting QB for the season. But when does Pete Carroll do what “usually” should be done? Maybe he just wants to see what Wilson will do with the first team offense against a first team defense. Maybe he has plans to play the starters longer than normal in the 4th preseason game. Maybe Tarvaris Jackson will be our starter and Pete is just messing with everyone. I don’t know. But it seems like he is probably leaning towards Wilson being the starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks for the 2012 season.

If one of these guys craps the bed tonight it will make the decision easy. If Wilson comes out and leads a couple TD drives in the first half and then Flynn goes 8-20 for 50 yards in the second half against backups it makes the decision easy. If Wilson throws 3 picks and Flynn leads a couple long scoring drives late in the game it makes the decision easy.

The tough decision comes if both guys have a great game. And decisions like that are why I would never want to be a coach or GM.

So go ahead. Flynn is heads. Wilson is tails. Flip your coin. What side do you want it to land on.

BTW, my coin came up what I wanted. Too bad you can’t just have the coin land on its side and not have to make a decision.

Who do you want as QB for the Seahawks?

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