Review of the 2012 Seattle Seahawks jersey

by Joe on August 23, 2012

I have been waiting and waiting for this day ever since the beginning of April. I finally got my new Seahawks jersey!!!

I will be the first to admit, I am a sucker for jerseys. I have 14 of the previous design including Thomas, Okung, Walter Jones, Shaun Alexander, Deion Branch, Housh, Koren Robinson, Ken Hamlin, Michael Boulware, Marcus Tubbs, Kelly Jennings, Julian Peterson, and Aaron Curry. Some of those like Jones will always be wearable and others like Jennings still have the tags on them and will never be removed from the closet. Not because I want to preserve it for the value but if I put on the Jennings jersey I am scared of a bunch of receivers coming out of nowhere and running by me.

Anyway, when the new Seahawks jerseys were rumored to be on the way when it was announce that Nike was taking over the jersey contract to early April when the new design was finally unveiled I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy a jersey. The prices are the same everywhere (you don’t want to fall for a fake do you?) so I was just waiting to find a jersey of my current favorite Seahawk.

I usually buy my Seahawks jerseys from either or and I would recommend looking there first for any Seahawks jerseys, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. But with the new Nike jersey contract nearly every retailer has had trouble getting and keeping these new jerseys in stock. I did find a Kam Chancellor jersey at though. I have to say Nike really crapped the bed when it came to the production and distribution of these jerseys. But that is a story for another time.

Anyway, here is the jersey I went with:

Kam Chancellor Seahawks Jersey

#31 Kam Chancellor

Yep, I went with Kam Chancellor. Two main reasons for this choice:

1. I love the way Kam Chancellor plays. He is not afraid to take on a running back one on one and dominate him. He isn’t afraid to clean someones clock on a LEGAL hit (yeah, I am talking about you Todd Heap), and he isn’t afraid to make a play on the ball when he needs to. Along with Thomas, Browner, and Sherman he will be 1/4th of the best, most exciting secondary in the league this year.

2. I love the way Kam interacts with fans, especially on Twitter. He is always retweeting fans, always interacting, and best of all doesn’t come across as a d-bag. He really seems to enjoy what he is doing, he enjoys football, and he knows that the fans are a big part of that.

Of course I have my eye on some other jerseys as well. I am still trying to decide which ones I want in blue and which ones I want in grey. I usually go with the Game jerseys (formerly called replicas) but the Limited jerseys (formerly Premier) are pretty awesome feeling. I might spring the extra $35 for a couple of those. I probably won’t go with an Elite (formerly Authentic) or a white jersey but the others are all in play. Here are the other jerseys I am thinking of in at least some sort of order of preference:

  1. Earl Thomas
  2. Red Bryant
  3. Marshawn Lynch
  4. Doug Baldwin
  5. Bruce Irvin
  6. Richard Sherman
  7. Bobby Wagner
  8. Brandon Browner
  9. Russell Wilson/Matt Flynn
  10. KJ Wright

I am guessing I will get another 1 or 2 jerseys this year and then a couple more next year.

Overall these jerseys feel quite different than the old jerseys when wearing them. They are a bit trimmer fit overall but the biggest difference is in the arms and shoulders. If you lift your arms up above your head it pulls and bunches weird around the armpits. I guess I am so used to the old jerseys and these will probably feel different for a while.

If you are looking to buy one of the new Nike Seahawks jerseys here are the places I would look: – Usually have a great selection of Seahawks jerseys and gear. They also have their Fanatics Reward Club that gives you 10% Fan Cash that you can use on future purchases and free shipping on orders over $75. – The official store of the NFL. In the past they have had one of the best selections of jerseys and if you want a customized jersey they are usually the best place to get those. With the Nike deal though they don’t have any of the customized jerseys in yet and their overall selection is just OK. – You will probably find one of these stores in any mall in the Northwest but you can also order online and they have one of the better selections of jerseys including Chancellor and Leon Washington which I haven’t seen anywhere else. – I have ordered a few items from here in the past. They also have some pretty cool Sonics shirts which is nice.

Seahawks Pro Shop – They have some of the grey jerseys in stock and I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. They have Thomas, Lynch, Flynn, Rice, and #12 in stock as far as the grey jerseys are concerned.

And now for good measure here are a couple more pics of my new Seahawks jersey. And no, I am not currently available for any modeling contracts:

Seattle Seahawks jerseys 2012

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