25 Thoughts on the 2012 Seattle Seahawks

by Joe on August 10, 2012

I purposely have held off posting anything since the NFL Draft so if you are a huge fan of my insightful posts and correct opinions (that folks, is sarcasm) and you have missed it over these past few months I apologize. But I have a couple reasons for my silence:

  1. I have a 7 month old Seahawks fan I have been trying to keep up with
  2. I started a new job that has required much of my attention
  3. Without players actually on the field there is just so much speculation and guessing. I want to see people in pads, see the whole team together, and see how the team is shaping up on the field.

Of course most of what I say is still speculation and guessing but since training camp is well under way and the Seahawks have their first preseason game this Saturday my guesses at least have some substance.

So without any further ramblings here are 25 Thoughts on the 2012 Seattle Seahawks:

1. Matt Flynn is, will be and should be the starter this season.

2. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons will both have 10+ sacks this year.

3. I really like the T.O. signing with two caveats: He can perform on the field (4-5 catches per game) and he doesn’t take a roster spot from a receiver who could be good in a year or two.

4. I would love for anybody to take a chance on me for 1 year, $1,000,000

5. There isn’t a defense out there that will make more big plays this year (sacks, forced fumbles, interceptions, tackles for loss) than the Seahawks.

6. I got chills watching this:

7. I really want to buy a Kam Chancellor jersey this year.

8. Other jerseys I want: Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Red Bryant, Bruce Irvin

9. And three more just for good measure: Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin, Russell Okung

10. I can’t wait to see the new unis on the field. I think the blue jersey, grey pants combo is my favorite with the grey jersey, blue pants coming in second.

11. Opposing defenses are gonna hate Marshawn Lynch this year.

12. It won’t get any easier when Robert Turbin comes off the bench.

13. Sadly enough I think James Carpenter won’t play this year. I really liked his growth last year before he got injured.

14. I love the energy Pete Carroll brings to the sideline.

15. Matt Flynn will have 3,800+ yards this year

16. Marshawn Lynch will lead the team with another 1,200+ yard season

17. The Seahawks will have 4 receivers over 500 yards but none over 1,000 – Rice, Baldwin, Owens, and either Tate, Lockette, or Obomanu

18. Seattle will go 5-1 in the NFC West

19. The Seahawks D will have 2 shutouts this year

20. All 4 of Seattle’s starting secondary will have 4+ interceptions

21. Seattle will have 40+ sacks

22. I can’t wait for the regular season to start.

23. Seattle’s home schedule is awesome: Dallas, GB, NE, Minnesota, NYJ, and the divisional games. Those are some great marquee teams.

24. Just like last year the Seahawks will get better as the season goes along.

25. Seattle will finish with a 11-5 record.

After a couple preseason games we will know more and after a game or two of the regular season we should have a great idea what this team will be. I am expecting a very good team building towards a great team for the next 4-6 years.

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