Would You Rather – Draft Edition

by Joe on April 20, 2012

I will not make any claims to being a draft expert. I think I can look at the Seahawks and see what they need and I think I can take the analysis of others and the opinions of others when it comes to draft picks and use that information to form my own, realistic opinion but I can’t compare two players and break down all the differences in them.

So with that said I am gonna play a game of “Would You Rather” and compare a few different choices the Seahawks might have to make come draft day and tell you what I would decide.

From what I can see (barring any trades) there are 4 players that seem to be on the Seahawk’s radar at this time: Quinton Coples, Melvin Ingram, Luke Kuechly, and Ryan Tannehill. Courtney Upshaw is a possibility and maybe someone like Riley Reiff drops and enters the conversation but we will stick with these four for now.  These aren’t necessarily the four players I would have as potential picks but based on most of the mock drafts and other information out there these are the four players most talked about.

Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples

These are pretty much the two highest rated defensive ends in the draft. Both of them would fit well in the 4-3 and both seem to be good fits for Pete Carroll’s system.

Melvin Ingram reminds me of a young Julius Peppers in that he can make plays all over the field. He is athletic enough to drop off into coverage and he can also get to the QB. Coples seems to me to be more of a defender who will stick around the line a bit more. Both of them are athletic enough to get after the QB and both will give the Seahawks some great flexibility on the D-line with Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Jason Jones, Brandon Mebane and the rest. We could see some pretty crazy defensive alignments from the Seahawks this year.

My choice: If both players are available (not likely) I would go with Melvin Ingram. I think his versatility will give the Seahawks more options.

Right after I posted this I found this sweet Sports Science video of Quinton Coples. Made me rethink this a bit. Maybe Coples would be a better pick…

For the sake of the rest of the comparisons I will lump these guys together. I think the choices would be the same no matter which one was available.

Luke Kuechly or Ingram/Coples

With this decision you are pretty much trying to decide if you want to get pressure on the QB with a D-end or improve against the run with a solid LB. I think Kuechly could be the safer pick and I could see him as a Zach Thomas or even Takeo Spikes type of player who can have 10+ years of solid play, make 100+ tackles a season, and give you a very good linebacker for a long time. But we remember what happened the last time we took the “safe” linebacker (Aaron Curry).

If the Seahawks can get more pressure on the QB from the D-end spot the Seahawks will need a LB that can cover RBs and TEs on quick routes and I don’t think that LB is Kuechly. It is easier to find a good linebacker later in the draft than a good D-end.

My choice: I would go with Ingram or Coples over Kuechly here. Kuechly will have a great NFL career but I think a pass rush is a bigger key for the Seahawks this year. They are already good against the run so I think they can get by with a later round LB.

Ryan Tannehill or Luke Kuechly

There are a lot of things I like about Tannehill. I don’t think he is a top 5 or maybe even a top 10 NFL QB down the road but with his athleticism and intangibles I think he could be a good piece on an otherwise good team. I don’t see him being better than Matt Flynn or even Tarvaris Jackson this year or maybe even next but he does have potential.

The biggest problem is I see him as a late first round type of QB. Just based on overall value I don’t think he is a good value at the #12 spot. If the Seahawks hadn’t signed Flynn maybe I would think differently. Rather than reach I would rather the Seahawks look more to the best player available within reason. Obviously there is positional need factored in so I wouldn’t want to see the Seahawks go with Dontari Poe or Fletcher Cox (D-tackles) just because they have them rated higher than Kuechly or anything like that.

My choice: Luke Kuechly would be a much better pick than Tannehill in this scenario.  He will be a very good player for a long time and I don’t know if Tannehill is who I want under center for the next decade.

Ingram/Coples or Ryan Tannehill

QB and D-end are two of the more coveted positions in the NFL and as a result teams can reach a bit to find these players. So it is no surprise that there is a good chance two of these three players could be gone by the #12 pick.

My choice: For the reasons stated above I am gonna go with Ingram/Coples here. If you look at the needs of the team I think a pass rush is a greater need than QB at this time. I am also guessing (like everyone else) that Tannehill will be long gone before #12 so the chances of him falling this far are pretty slim.

I will do another post in a few days with my top 5 players I want to see the Seahawks draft at #12 but choices like the ones above will need to be made by every team at some point in the draft.


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