Seattle Seahawks Nike Shirts

by Joe on April 4, 2012

After a few days of waiting the Seattle Seahawk Nike shirts are now for sale! Overall I really love the look of these shirts. The colors are awesome, the new logo looks great on them, and I think Nike hit these out of the ballpark. I can’t wait to see the sweatshirts and jackets which should be released in a few months.

From what I can see there are not many online retailers that have the new Seahawks Nike shirts but they are for sale at Overall there are 12 men’s t-shirts and 7 women’s shirts available and I am sure more will be on the way soon. There are also some pretty awesome looking Seahawks shorts for sale too.

Here are my 5 favorite Seahawks Nike T-shirts that I have seen so far. I will probably end up getting at least a couple of these and possibly all 5:

1. Nike Seattle Seahawks Blue T-shirt – I am a huge fan of simple, clean looking t-shirts and this one is about as classic as it gets. Just a nice Seahawks logo with Seattle Seahawks below it. The blue color of the shirt looks awesome and the logo and wording seem to pop on it. One more great thing about this shirt is it is 100% cotton. Many of the new shirts seem like they are the polyester dri-fit material but this one is all cotton.

Seattle Seahawks Nike T-shirt

Awesome looking Seahawks T-shirt: $24.99

Order this shirt today for $24.99

2. Grey “Property Of” Seattle Seahawks shirt – I have been a fan of grey shirts for years and this one is no exception. It features a Seahawks logo and the words “Property of Seattle”. So maybe if I wear it people will think I am a player or something. Probably not though. Anyway this shirt is $27.99 and is 100% cotton. I even like the way the Nike logo looks on the sleeve.

Grey Seattle Seahawks T-shirt

This grey shirt looks great! $27.99

Order this shirt today for $27.99

3. White Seahawks Helmet Shirt – I first saw a leaked version of this shirt a few days ago and it was the first glimpse of the new helmet. One of the first things I noticed was the stripe down the middle. LOVED IT! This shirt is a bit busier than I usually like but it still looks awesome. It is a tri-blend with polyester, cotton, and rayon. Pretty sweet looking shirt.

White Seahawks Helmet Shirt

Awesome picture of the new Seahawks helmet: $31.99

Order this shirt today for $31.99

4. Blue Seahawks Dri-Fit T-shirt – Once again, simple is best when it comes to shirts. Seattle Seahawks Football. That is all that needs to be said. I like that this shirt incorporates the green lettering along with the awesome blue color shirt. This is a dri-fit shirt which isn’t my favorite but I do have to admit they are very comfortable and they make great shirts for biking, playing basketball, hanging by the pool, or any other warm summer activities. $29.99 for this one.

Nike Seattle Seahawks T-shirt

Nice, simple Seahawks shirt from Nike - $29.99

Order this shirt today for $29.99

5. Seattle Seahawks Logo Shirt – One more great looking Seahawks shirt. This Nike shirt just features the Seahawks logo on the front and nothing else. You don’t need much more when you have a logo as awesome as the Seahawks. The green Nike swoosh on the sleeve is a nice touch though. $29.99

Nike Seattle Seahawks logo t-shirt

Do the Seahawks have the best logo in the NFL? $29.99

Order this shirt today for $29.99

Like I mentioned earlier there are 12 different Nike Seahawks shirts available but these are my top 5. Do you have a favorite?


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