Don’t Fall For a Fake Seahawks Jersey

by Joe on April 13, 2012

On April 15th the new NFL Nike jerseys go on sale (or at least pre-order)through NFL Shop and all the official team stores. Well, all the teams except the Seahawks. We Seahawks fans get to wait a couple more weeks until April 30th.

Seattle Seahawks Grey Jersey

I love how the new grey jerseys look. Can't wait to see them in person.

I will be the first to say jerseys aren’t cheap. I have 14 Seahawks jerseys hanging in my closet and I know they can be expensive. The new Nike Seahawks jerseys will be going for $100 ($250 if you want an Elite (similar to the old Authentic) ) and who is to say if it is really worth it or not. Obviously the materials don’t cost anywhere near $100. But you do have to factor in the value of how fun it is to wear a jersey. It is always awesome to put your Seahawks jersey on, walk down the street, and get high fives from random members of the 12th Man. I love being at the Seahawks games and seeing all the different players and numbers represented. So is it worth it? No idea.

What I do know though is I hate seeing the fake, knockoff jerseys. They usually are off-colored, aren’t durable at all, and just look like cheap pieces of junk to me. These knockoffs are big business. Recently Darren Rovell tweeted:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/darrenrovell/status/189857859427770368″]

These fake jerseys are a multi-million dollar industry and with the new Nike jerseys you can bet there will be even more knockoffs available. Hundreds of sites are set up every month to sell this garbage and they are getting shut down quickly. Don’t risk it. I have heard many times of people paying for these knockoffs and getting ripped off.

You can easily spot a fake just by looking at the price. If it isn’t selling for $100 or so (OK, maybe $99.95) I can almost guarantee it is a fake. Also there is a very small group of online retailers that are allowed to sell the Nike Seahawks jerseys. Along with the Seahawks Pro Shop here are three others that will have the Seahawks jerseys for sale on April 30th: – Fanatics is my favorite online retailer for Seahawks gear. They have fast 3 day shipping, a great selection, and great customer service. – Usually the best selection of Seahawks jerseys. They currently have the new Nike shirts and New Era caps for sale as well.

That’s pretty much it. Those two retailers will have everything you need when it comes to Seahawks gear. Don’t get suckered into buying a cheap knockoff. Get the real thing!

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