5 Players I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Drafted By The Seahawks

by Joe on April 26, 2012

OK, the draft starts in a couple minutes but it should be a while before the Seahawks pick so I will give you my final 5 players I wouldn’t mind see the Seahawks drafting at #12. These are not in too much of a particular order and there could always be trades that shift all this around. There are other players I would like as well but these are the 5 I think they might take and I would be happy with.

Quinton Coples – Helps beef up the pass rush

Melvin Ingram – Very athletic and all over the field. Not a pure pass rusher though.

Chandler Jones – Don’t know a ton about him but I think I have to mention him so his brother Jon doesn’t hurt me.

Luke Kuechley – He will be a very good player and make a lot of tackles for a lot of years.

Reily Reiff – It is hard to not like getting the second best tackle in any draft.

Now it is time to wait and see. Luck, Griffin, and Richardson will be the first three with Kalil probably going at 4 to the Vikings. After that? Who knows.

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