The Magical Marshawn Lynch Domino Train

by Joe on March 6, 2012

The Seahawks made their first big move in the offseason signing Marshawn Lynch to a 4 year deal worth $31 million with $18 million guaranteed. I love this deal! It works for Lynch, it works for the Seahawks, and it works for the fans.

But more importantly it starts the magical domino train that is free agency and the NFL draft. Signings like this aren’t made in a vacuum. This signing was made in the context of a bigger plan that will cover what the Seahawks do in free agency and the draft. Of course the plan the Seahawks have in place might not fall exactly as expected and there will be opportunities that come up that can’t be passed up but here is where I think the Seahawks go from here.

Before I get into the specific moves let me say that I very strongly believe the Seahawks are one or two moves away from the start of something really special in Seattle. With some smart moves (and most of the moves Carroll and Schneider have made have been pretty smart) this Seahawks team can be one that is a consistent playoff team that could even pull a couple rings in over the next 5 or 6 years.

I also believe the team knows this and they will do whatever they can to get those pieces they are missing. I don’t think they will do this at the expense of long term success but yeah, they might over spend this offseason to get what they need.

Step 1: Resign Marshawn Lynch – Great signing. If they hadn’t signed Lynch they would have probably been looking at Trent Richardson in the draft. I would have loved Richardson but with Lynch signing for another 4 years I don’t think the Seahawks will use an early pick on a running back. BTW, go check out this video of Marshawn Lynch shopping for a Seahawks grill. Awesome stuff.

Step 2: Sign Mario Williams – He will probably be the second most sought after free agent this year but Seattle has some good cap space and can offer him a very good deal. Williams will give the Seahawks the pass rusher they are missing and with him on the D-line it fills pretty much the only glaring weakness on the team.

Step 3: Resign Red Bryant – Yeah, Bryant isn’t a traditional defensive end and when he is on the field the Seahawks sacrifice some pass rush for some run stuffing but with Bryant and Williams on the D-line along with Mebane, Clemons, and other players like Anthony Hargrove, Alan Branch, and some other d-line depth this will be a very flexible front 4. Pete Carroll knows how to tailor a defense to fit his personnel so having Clemons, Bryant, and Williams on the roster won’t be a problem.

Peyton Manning Seahawks Jersey

Will we see Peyton Manning wearing this jersey next year?

Step 4: Sign Peyton Manning – Of all the moves this is probably the biggest wild card and probably has the least chance of happening. Hopefully Manning will look at the Seahawks roster, the ownership, the coaching staff, the front office, and the other offseason moves and realize that this Seattle team has a better chance of winning in the next couple years than Miami or Washington or any of the other rumored destinations. Yeah, it will cost a lot to get him and who knows how he will recover from these neck problems but it is worth going all in to make this deal happen.

And I think Manning will want to go somewhere with a strong running game. I am guessing he is realistic enough to know he won’t be throwing 50 times a game and won’t be putting up 4,700 yards every year going forward and he will want to go to a team with a solid run game. Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks can give him what he never had in Indy.

Step 5:  Sign Reggie Wayne – Seattle can bring in Wayne as a favor to Manning and having a security blanket like Wayne for Manning will be very beneficial. Sidney Rice will be the #1 receiver but Wayne will be a very good vet on the other side. I don’t really see Mike Williams back for Seattle but Doug Baldwin would be an awesome slot receiver for Manning. And I can see Zach Milller becoming a favorite target for Manning as well. Throw in the running game and the young, potentially good O-line and this will be a fun offense to watch.

Step 6: Trade the #12 pick – I would love to see Seattle move back in the first round (or even out of it if they can get a good offer) and take a QB late in the first or early in the second like Ryan Tannehill or Kirk Cousins or one of the second tier QBs. They can also pick up a second or third rounder and get a good RB with that pick.

Yeah, it is a big gamble. Yeah, it could totally blow up in Seattle’s face and could send the Seahawks the wrong direction. But it is worth taking the chance. I think it is easier to recover from big mistakes in the NFL than it is in the NBA or MLB so even if Manning gets injured or Williams doesn’t pan out it won’t be crippling for Seattle. It might set them back a year or two but in my mind it is worth the risk.

If any of these moves don’t happen it could really effect how the rest of them play out. For example, if they can’t get Manning we will probably have another year of Tarvaris Jackson (which I am totally fine with) but then should the Seahawks make a run at Marques Colston? If we can’t sign Mario Williams Seattle will probably spend their pick on a pass rusher (Melvin Ingram?).


Stephen March 6, 2012 at 9:29 pm

Great stuff as always Joe! I must admit the thought of #18 in Seattle is rather intriguing and wwe all know that Coach Pete loves to create a media frenzy. Either way it will be one heckuva draft and off season. I was very surprised that they didn’t put the franchise tag on Red Bryant. Too bad they couldn’t use it on Coach Cable 🙂

Joe March 7, 2012 at 12:32 pm

A franchise tag on Red Bryant would have cost them something like $13 or $14 mil. Bryant is good but not at that price. I am pretty sure they will get a deal worked out with him soon.

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