Peyton Manning as a Cardinal?

by Joe on March 12, 2012

At the moment it is looking like Peyton Manning won’t be a Seattle Seahawk. So far it looks like he won’t even meet with them. Of course I am a Seahawks fan and I would love for Manning to play his home games in Seattle next year and I am biased when I say this but I still think Seattle offers him the best chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next 2-4 years. With how this team is set up they are very close to putting together a consistent winner and Manning could be a good part of that.

Of course we have no idea what has been said to who and what kind of contact Seattle has had with Peyton Manning and his agent. We do know they have had some contact and expressed some interest and as of this writing it doesn’t look like Manning wants to visit the Seahawks or have any sort of significant contact with them. I could go into all the possibilities for this and maybe I will do that in a couple days after we know more.

Peyton Manning Arizona Cardinals Jersey

Peyton Manning getting ready to throw some INTs against Seattle!

Right now (and this can change from hour to hour) it is looking like Denver and Arizona are the two teams that are leading the pack in the Manning courting process. I think he still has visits with the Dolphins and Titans and out of those four teams I would think Denver would be a pretty attractive option for many reasons but many people are saying Arizona will be the team.

And if Manning doesn’t go to Seattle I would LOVE for him to go to the Cardinals.

Why would I love that? Why would I want one of our division rivals to get one of the greatest QBs of all time? Why would I want him to face the Seahawks twice a year for the next few years?

Well, the primary reason is I want Peyton Manning to see first hand how good this Seahawks team will be over the next few years and regret his decision to not even give them a chance. I want the improved Seahawks pass rush (and it WILL be improved next year with either Mario Williams or a player like Melvin Ingram in the draft) to hit him hard (no bounties needed on this) and pile up the sacks on him. I want the awesome, young Seahawks secondary to blanket his receivers and pick him off 5 times a game. I want him to throw the ball up to his prized new toy Larry Fitzgerald and have Richard Sherman out jump him and get the pick.

Basically I want Peyton Manning to regret his decision. Yeah, we know Seattle isn’t a premier destination for free agents. It doesn’t have the glitz of a team like Dallas. It doesn’t have the fan base of a team like the Giants or Redskins. It doesn’t have the history like Chicago or Green Bay. It doesn’t make the headlines like New England. But Seattle does have a great organization, a great owner, a great front office, a great young team, and the 12th Man.

Peyton, if you are reading this I want you to know I would love you in one of the new Nike Seahawks uniforms next year. But if you don’t want to even respect the Seahawks and give them a visit will you please sign with the Cardinals so we can show you twice a year why you made a mistake? Thanks.

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TC March 12, 2012 at 11:40 pm

Hell yeah go hawks. we will tear him apart!!

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