Seattle Seahawks 2012 Opponents

by Joe on February 2, 2012

I just happened to glance over the home opponents for the Seahawks next year and I was pretty shocked how many “marquee” teams are coming to Seahawks Stadium (or CenturyLink Field if you want to be “official”).

Seattle Seahawks 2012 opponents

Some big name teams are coming to Seattle next year

Of course the Seahawks will get visits from the Niners, Rams, and Cardinals but have you seen the other teams who will be traveling to Seattle? The NFC West faces the NFC North so we will get the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings at home. We also face the AFC East and get the New England Patriots and New York Jets. And we also get a visit from the Dallas Cowboys.

That is a lot of big time teams coming to Seattle. It will be interesting to see how the actual schedule comes out but I would expect at least 2, maybe 3 Monday or Sunday night games for the Seahawks next season. It seems like the Packers, Jets, Patriots, and Cowboys are always playing in prime time so the schedule makers should give Seattle some prime time love this year.

And talk about star power. Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez… That is a LOT of media attention that group of players brings.

Out of the possible home/away matchups that could have happened it looks like Seattle got the good end of the stick. I would much rather play New England and New York at home and Buffalo and Miami away. And getting the Packers away from Lambeau is a huge plus for Seattle. Of course it will also be nice to show Jerry Jones what a real football stadium looks like and not have to play in his glorified living room.




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