Kiper’s Mock Draft 1.0 – Who Do The Seahawks get?

by Joe on January 18, 2012

I am not gonna lie. I LOVE mock drafts. These next few months are great because there will be hundreds of different mock drafts to look at, analyze, second guess, dream about, curse silently (and vocally), and over analyze.

Melvin Ingram Seahawks

Will Ingram be in Seattle next year?

Mel Kiper Jr. came out with his first mock draft this morning and while he isn’t usually the most accurate when it comes to the Seahawks (Rob Rang seems to be the man for that) I love looking at his mock drafts.

Based on a coin toss with Kansas City the Seahawks will be picking 11 or 12 and in this draft Kiper has us at #12 picking Melvin Ingram, a defensive end from South Carolina. He is 6-2, 276 so he has prettty decent size to be an outside pass rusher but also stay in and stop the run.

Looking at his college stats can get after the QB but also make plays all over the field.

This is one of those players I really haven’t watched much in college and he doesn’t have a ton of buzz like some of the skill position players but this is the type of player who can perform at a high level for many years. Watching some highlight videos he kind of reminds me of a less athletic Julius Peppers. This highlight clip below shows some of his versatility:

After watching that clip I was pretty impressed with Melvin Ingram’s overall skill on the football field. He isn’t just a pass rusher. He isn’t just a run stopper. He kind of seems to me more like a 270 pound safety with his versatility. As a matter of fact, screw the 4-3 defense. Lets go to a 3-3-5 and line him up all over the field with Thomas and Chancellor!

Anyway, this isn’t a pick that will cause you to jump around the living room with joy or throw a bowl of chips at your TV but based on the players available on Kiper’s Mock Draft I think this would really help the Seahawks next year.

Of course a ton will change from now until April and players will jump all over the draft boards. How often do teams actually take players slotted for them in these early mock drafts? I have no idea. But for now I am looking forward to see if this one comes true.

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