Seahawks Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags – 20 Days of Seahawks Christmas – Day 15

by Joe on December 17, 2011

When do you wrap your Christmas presents? I know I usually wait until a day or two before Christmas and do it all at once. But there are some people out there who wrap as they go so they can have presents under the tree for a few weeks.

Well, by now you probably have most of your Christmas shopping done and you are just waiting to wrap your presents. Maybe you got some Seahawks gifts for people but even if you didn’t this item will make up for that

Seahawks Wrapping Paper

Seattle Seahawks Wrapping Paper

Pick up a few rolls of Seahawks wrapping paper today: Only $5.95 per roll

This Seahawks wrapping paper is pretty sweet looking. It has the Seahawks logo and Seattle Seahawks in white text on blue and green backgrounds. These rolls or wrapping paper aren’t huge (only 8 feet long) so you might need to get a few rolls to finish all your wrapping.

One thing I really like about this Seahawks wrapping paper is since there is a block design there are nice white lines between the blocks so it makes it easy to cut straight lines. When you have a random pattern or something like that it is nearly impossible to cut the wrapping paper straight and it makes wrapping so much harder. Order your Seahawks wrapping paper today – Just $5.95 per roll.

Seahawks Gift Bags

Seattle Seahawks Gift Bag

Awesome way for lazy people to wrap their Seahawks gifts

For those of you who truly hate wrapping presents these Seahawks gift bags will do the job nicely. These Seahawks gift bags are 13″x10″x5.5″ so they will hold most smaller gifts and t-shirts and hats and the like. If you have a Seahawks sweatshirt or jacket or something you might need something a bit bigger. These bags are $4.95 each so order a few of them today.

And if you still need some gifts to wrap in this Seahawks wrapping paper and put in these bags check out some of our previous Seahawks gift ideas below:

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