Seahawks Stocking Stuffers – 20 Days of Seahawks Christmas – Day 13

by Joe on December 15, 2011

I am guessing by now you have most of your Christmas shopping done or at least a good portion. For me I know the last things I buy are usually stocking stuffers. I was talking with my wife and trying to decide where the line is drawn between “present” and “stocking stuffer”. Here are some criteria I came up with:

1. It needs to fit in the stocking – Pretty obvious here. Stocking stuffers need to be a small item that will fit in a stocking. You can fudge this a bit by putting it in the top of a stocking and have it stick out a bit though. For example, this Seahawks Sandwich Grill isn’t a stocking stuffer. Just too big. It is awesome, just a bit big. But something like this Seahawks keychain would be a great stocking stuffer.

2. It should be on the inexpensive side. I would probably say under $20 but that price can be different for everyone. One exception here is jewelry. You could shove a $2,000 set of diamond studs down in a stocking. But wouldn’t these Seahawks earrings look much better? And they are only $6.95.

Those are pretty much the only two I could think of. Small, inexpensive items make great stocking stuffers. Below I will list 12 items that would make great stocking stuffers. Or you could always just go with something like a gift card for and let them choose their own stuff.

Seahawks Stocking Stuffers


Seattle Seahawks Car Magnet

Price: 11.95

Seattle Seahawks Garter with Lace

Price: 11.95

Wilson Seattle Seahawks Rubber Mini Football

Price: 12.95

Seattle Seahawks Navy Blue Axis Drawstring Backpack –

Price: 14.95

Seattle Seahawks Ponytail Holder

Price: 5.95

Reebok Seattle Seahawks Steel Blue-Navy Blue Striped Wristbands

Price: 7.95

Seattle Seahawks 8-Pack 4″ x 9″ Navy Blue Mini Pennant Set

Price: 7.95

Seattle Seahawks Team Sips Straws

Price: 4.95

Seattle Seahawks Navy Blue Super Tube Socks

Price: 10.95

Reebok Seattle Seahawks Light Blue-Steel Blue Broiler Tassel Knit Beanie

Price: 16.96

Seattle Seahawks 2012 Boxed Team Calendar

Price: 13.99

NFL Seattle Seahawks Key Chain, Money Clip and Magnet Clip

Price: 18.09

And while you are at it you might as well stuff these Seahawks stocking stuffers into a Seahawks stocking

Seattle Seahawks Stocking

Stuff this Seahawks stocking full of 12th Man Cheer!

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