Seahawks Calendar – 20 Days of Seahawks Christmas – Day 10

by Joe on December 12, 2011

OK, we are at the halfway point here. Most likely you have a lot of your shopping done. From here on out you will have to start looking at how long stuff will take to ship and make sure it will get to you by Christmas. The majority of the gift ideas I have listed have standard 3 day shipping so you still have a few days. And if you see any of these items you like just click the “Like” button to share on Facebook and drop a hint to your family and friends.

Seahawks Calendar

Seattle Seahawks Calendar

Awesome looking Seahawks calendar. Nice, easy gift for any Seahawks fan


Seattle Seahawks 2012 Wall Calendar – $14.99

With smartphones and tablets all over the place people don’t have as much use for a regular calendar anymore. But there are few items that can end up being as useful as a calendar. Hang it in the kitchen to write down the schedule for the week, keep a quick to-do list on it at work, or just admire the great Seahawks images every month.

This 12″x12″ Seahawks calendar is a 16th month calendar that started in Sept. 2011 and goes until Dec. 2012. So even though a few months are gone on it that doesn’t mean it is worthless. There are still 12 good months in this thing and even though the calendar part of the first 4 months is done there are still some great Seahawks images. Click here to order this Seahawks wall calendar.

Seattle Seahawks 2012 Boxed Team Calendar – $13.99

Another good Seahawks calendar option is a day by day calendar. This type of calendar was pretty much started by those Far Side comic calendars from a few years back. OK, maybe they didn’t start this type of calendar but they were the most popular.

This Seahawks calendar has some trivia, facts, and other stuff like that every day and of course it is all Seahawks related. Click here to order the Seahawks daily calendar

These calendars are great presents for pretty much any Seahawks fan. If you are just looking for a nice, little gift for someone or a gift for someone you don’t know that well but you know they are a Seahawks fan these calendars will do the trick. Pick a couple up today.

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