Seahawks 38, Bears 14 – The Aftermath

by Joe on December 19, 2011

What an awesome second half! This is probably the best half of football the Seahawks have played all year. They were able to put up 31 points in one half on a Bears team that nearly everyone said was better than the Seahawks. But us Seahawks fans knew better.

The 31 points in the second half were more than the Seahawks scored in their first three games combined! Seattle’s offense moved the ball, the defense took the ball away and got pressure on the QB, and the receivers caught pretty much everything in the second half (terrible drop by Anthony McCoy). All in all it was an awesome half of Seahawks football.

I won’t bore you with too many details and stats but here are a few of my thoughts from this game:

Here are Chicago’s drives in the second half:

  • 2 plays, 3 yards and an interception (returned for a TD)
  • 3 plays, -3 yards and a punt
  • 3 plays, 4 yards and a punt
  • 3 plays, -1 yards and a punt
  • 5 plays, 1 yard and a punt
  • 1 play and an interception (returned for a TD)
  • 2 plays, 2 yards, and an interception
  • 4 plays, 20 yards and game over

So the Bears only managed 23 plays and 26 yards in the second half. If you add in the interception return yards (67) you are looking at -41 yards of offense allowed by the Seahawks defense.

This is the kind of performance the defense should put up against a backup QB and backup RBs. Caleb Hanie is not a good NFL QB and he should be treated as such. When the Seahawks play a team that is injured and playing backups they need to jump on them like this and take advantage of that.

4 Awesome Interceptions

These were all great interceptions by the Seahawks. The tip by Chancellor to Thomas was an amazingly athletic play. Red Bryant’s INT was due to some great pressure by Wright and it was awesome that Bryant held on to that one. Browner took advantage of Williams slipping and made a great return. Sherman got himself in a great position to pluck his pick out of the air. So all 4 of the starting secondary had a hand in these interceptions and a defensive lineman even got one.

Red Bryant Seahawks

Awesome TD by Red Bryant

I know I was pretty down on Browner midway through the season but he has had a Pro Bowl caliber second half of the season. He is only one pick behind the league leaders and leads the league in passes defended. And he has started to cut down on the penalties which was probably the biggest knock against him.

Richard Sherman has been great in all the games he has played so far. He wasn’t starting the first few games of the year but still has 14 passes defended and three picks. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are the best safety duo in the league already and they will keep getting better for the next few years. They can play the pass and run and are already game changers in their second year.

I am gonna make the prediction right now that this will be the best secondary in the league next year. They might give up some yards but they will make more plays on the ball than any other team. If you look at stuff like passes defended, interceptions, tackles for loss, and sacks this will be an awesome group of players.

Great pressure on the QB in the second half

In the first half the Seahawks were close to getting to Hanie but they were always a step away. In the second half they came up with some great sacks and the pressure caused a lot of incompletions and interceptions. It would be awesome to see this kind of pressure all game long but when you can come out of the locker room and make that big of a change you know the talent is there.

Very good second half by Tarvaris Jackson

Tarvaris Jackson finished the game 19 for 31 for 227 yards and one TD. The majority of that yardage came after halftime and was kickstarted by a great 43 yard pass to Obomanu. He completed passes to 10 different receivers (would have been 11 if McCoy could have held the ball) and was able to throw the ball away when he needed to. Except of course that fumble in the endzone. But all in all another very capable performance by the QB.

All in all a great game by the Seahawks. Over the past few games they have relying on the running game but they were able to get the win even when the running game wasn’t really working and that is a great sign. And this win keeps the playoff hopes alive. Just two wins and a couple losses by the Lions and we are in.




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