Seahawks 31, Eagles 14: The Aftermath

by Joe on December 2, 2011

What an awesome win! This is the Seahawks team we needed to see this week. After a very, very disappointing performance against the Redskins the Seahawks needed to come out and have a strong showing against the Eagles and that is what they did.

View from the Hawks Nest in Seattle

Getting ready for the game from my seats in the Hawks Nest

All in all this was probably Seattle’s best game of the season. I might argue that the game against the Ravens and maybe the Giants was up in this category also and those two teams are much better than the Eagles but in all facets of the game this could have been the best performance we have seen so far.

I usually take some time to go through the good and bad stuff of each game but honestly I don’t remember very much bad stuff that happened in this game. Watching the game at the stadium makes it hard to see replays and stuff like that so maybe when I rewatch the game tonight I will find some more bad stuff I can talk about. The only thing I might have a grip with would be the 17 play, 80 yard drive the Eagles had at the end of the third quarter and into the fourth. But it did take over 10 minutes off the clock which ended up being good for Seattle. And maybe Riley Cooper being wide open. But other than that I can’t think of much else bad off the top of my head.

There was plenty of good stuff though:

1. Golden Tate’s TD reception was pretty awesome. It seemed to me that Tarvaris Jackson mostly just threw the ball away but threw it close enough that the defenders couldn’t make a play but at the same time giving Tate a chance to make an amazing catch. And Tate did just that. Awesome jump, great job snatching the ball, amazing job getting the feet down, and he was able to hold on to the ball.

Big players make big plays and this was a big play. Too often over the past couple years we have seen the Seahawk miss opportunities to make great plays like this. But Tate made one. He has been doing a very good job all year making tough catches and I think he has shown he is more than a “just get him a screen pass and give him a few yards to work” type of guy. He is developing into a quality all around receiver.

2. Marshawn Lynch. At the stadium when he ran into the pile in the first quarter we all thought “Good 5 yard run! He is moving the pile well!” and that was about it. Then we saw him sneak away and head towards the endzone. Insane. I sit in the north endzone and this happened at the far end of the field so I never got a good view of the play and I am really looking forward to seeing this one about a dozen times on the DVR tonight.

His 40 yard run for another TD was a well designed, well blocked play. I can’t remember who the receiver was on that side of the field (either Tate or Obomanu) but they were able to push their defender and create a traffic jam that freed Lynch down the sideline. Plays like this show that Lynch can be more than just a 5 yard at a time rusher. When he gets some open field he can still hit big plays.

148 yards on 22 carries puts Lynch on pace for 1138 yards which would be the best season of Lynch’s career. In the last 5 games Lynch has 591 yards  and 6 TDs. Awesome run of games by Beast Mode! And he got a free 2 year supply of Skittles.

3. 4 Interceptions by the Seahawks. Yeah, Vince Young threw some terrible passes that led to these interceptions but Browner, Chancellor, and Hawthorne took advantage of these bad throws. In the last 4 games Seattle has a turnover margin of +9. Any coach will tell you that is a winning formula.

4. 5 Penalties for 30 yards. I like that stat line much more than 13 penalties for 100 yards. This was a more disciplined effort by the Seahawks. None of the penalties resulted in a first down for the Eagles and even though there was plenty of opportunity for some unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness penalties on some scraps after plays were over they Seahawks kept their composure and avoided those big penalties.

I would have, however, loved it if someone would have gotten some payback on Trent Cole for his injurous cheap shot on Russell Okung

5. Angry Guy. If you sit in the Hawks Nest (he is in Sec. 149, Row T, around seat 17 or so) you know who I am talking about. For some reason he was extra angry yesterday. Maybe it was because he had a rough day at work or something.

6. Great game by Tarvaris Jackson. 13 of 16 for 190 yards and a TD. I will take that stat line from Jackson every game. He was 6 of 8 on third down and 5 of 6 for 111 yards on passes more than 10 yards downfield. He made no mistakes, hit the open receivers and made great choices all game long.

This was a great all around performance by the Seahawks. The chances of the Seahawks making the playoffs is very slim but hope is still alive for the 12th Man. We will still need a lot of help from the Lions, Falcons, and Bears and maybe the Giants to make a wild card spot or we would need an EPIC collapse by the Niners. Either way Seattle needs to win out. They have two “easy” games (Rams and Cardinals), one mediocre game (Chicago without a real QB), and one tough game (Niners) left on the schedule but this win against the Eagles was the first step.

Winning this game was a big step forward and the Seahawks will need to keep that momentum going against the Rams.


Logan Thompson December 2, 2011 at 11:18 pm

It was a great game overall. Another negative you could add to your list is the beginning of the game they didn’t seem to be ready. The very first play of the game they only had 10 guys on the field until the very last second. The play clock almost ran out and then they got penalized for an illegal shift. Yeah, Tate wasn’t used to starting, but on the first play it’s not a great way to start momentum.

Anyways, it was a great win. The defense looked pretty dang good, other than a few errors and getting beat in the secondary a bit. Luckily Young wasn’t playing very well and they were able to capitalize on it. And Lynch’s touchdown was pretty awesome.

Joe December 2, 2011 at 11:47 pm

The very beginning of the game was weird. Bill Russell was raising the 12th Man flag during the opening kickoff and the first play. I think everyone was confused. The fans didn’t know whether to cheer for Russell or be quiet for the offense. The players must have been a bit confused as well.

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