Seahawks Vs. Eagles – How Do They Matchup?

by Joe on November 30, 2011

Tomorrow evening the Eagles will come to visit the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field which along with being the home of the Seahawks is the home of the 12th Man.

BTW, has there been an inordinantly low number of false starts by opposing teams this year? I did a quick scan through the play by play of the home games for Seattle this year and barely found any. Since 2005 opponents have aveaged about 2 false starts per game and so far this year I don’t think we are even getting one per game. The 12th Man will need to step it up big time tomorrow evening.

Seahawks 12th Man

The 12th Man needs to show up BIG TIME on Thursday!

At the beginning of the season a 4-7 record after 11 games is probably where a lot of people would have put the Seahawks. Many members of the media weren’t even thinking the Seahawks would win 4 games all season. Watching the games a 4-7 record is somewhat disappointing since we have lost two games we really should have won (Cleveland and Washington) but I think realistically 4-7 is a pretty fair record for the Seahawks so far.

Not so for the Eagles. Last season the Eagles finished with 10 wins and got a great year from Michael Vick. Coming into this year expectations were sky high with the additions of Nnamdi Asomugha and Jason Babin. Many people were predicting a Super Bowl apperance for the Eagles, not a 4-7 record after 11 games.  4 losses in the first 5 games and 3 lossess in the last 4 have killed any hope the Eagles have at a playoff spot. This is definetly a disappointing season for Eagles fans.

So how do the Seahawks and Eagles matchup on the field?


On the defensive side of the ball both teams are pretty even. Seattle ranks 14th in total defense, Philly ranks 15th. Seattle gives up 340.5 YPG and Philly 344.5. They are also very even on total passing yards (239.6 for SEA, 234.4 for Philly) and total rushing yards per game (100.9 and 110.3).

The differences show up when you break it down on a per play basis. Seattle has faced 709 combined passes and rushes while Philadelphia has only faced 639. So Seattle has given up fewer yards overall while facing 70 more plays than Philly. The Seahawks give up 3.5 yards per carry and the Eagles give up 4.3 yards per carry. Through the air Seattle allows opponents 7.0 yards per attempt while Philly is up at 7.7. So even though the total yardage numbers are about the same I think Seattle has a slightly better defense.

A couple other defensive factors: Philadelphia has 30 sacks and Seattle has only 20. Seattle has 19 takeaways and Philly 16.


This is where Philadelphia has a pretty big advantage in terms of total yards. Philadelphia is 3rd in total yards (420.1 YPG) and Seattle is 30th (294.1). That is over 120 more yards per game which can equate to two scoring drives. Pretty signifigant.

Philadelphia averages 260.7 yards passing per game and 159.4 yards rushing per game. Seattle is at 196.4 passing and 97.7 rushing. On third down Philadelphia converts 43.2% of the time and Seattle only 32.3. The Eagles have an advantage of the Seahawks in nearly ever aspect of the offensive game.

But the Eagles have given the ball away 25 times while the Seahawks have given it away 19 times. Overall Philadelphia has a -9 turn over margin and Seattle is at 0.

Special Teams

As far as kickers go these two teams are pretty evenly matched. But when it comes to the punting game Seattle has a big advantage.

Jon Ryan is averaging 48.3 yards per punt with a net of 42.1. Chas Henry for Philadelphia is averaging 41.9 with a net of 37. Ryan has knocked 23 punts inside the 20 and Henry only 11.

On punt returns the Seahawks are averaging 11.2 yards per return and Philadelphia 6.8.

Those differences don’t seem like much but when you talk about 5 punts and 5 returns per game you are looking at around 50-60 yards of field position which is about a scoring drive.

Individual Matchups

LeSean McCoy is the leading rusher in the NFL right now but in the 7 Philly losses he has 95, 128, 18, 80, 71, 81, and 31 yards. He has gone over 100 yards in each of the Philadelphia victories. Seattle needs to hold McCoy under 100 yards and they have only had 2 100 yard performances against them this year.

Jason Babin has 10 sacks for Philadelphia but in the last 7 games he has no sacks in Philadelphia losses and three in their victories. Since he and Trent Cole play very wide they take an extra few 10ths of a second to get to the QB. Jackson will need to get the ball out quick and if the tackle or tight end can just give Babin a little nudge to the outside he will be out of positon.

Marshawn Lynch has over 100 yards in 3 of his last 4 games and the Eagles have only allowed one 100 yard rusher in  the last 6 games. Lynch will need to continue his great performances and get 25+ carries again.

Seattle has forced 8 turnovers in the last 3 games and the Eagles give the ball up a lot. Seattle will need to force some turnovers in this game.

Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner struggle against smaller, quick receivers and DeSean Jackson is one of the fastest in the league. This will be a tough matchup for the Seahawks.

All things considered this is a much more even matchup than you would have thought. With Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, and Nnamdi Asomugha out this Eagles team has more weaknesses.

BTW, remember that game in Philly in 2005 when Seattle whalloped the Eagles 42-0 and put the rest of the NFC on notice that Seattle was for real? 3 TDs by the defense and only 190 total yards by the Eagles showed everyone that Seattle was for real. Hopefully we can see something similar in this game.

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