Redskins 23, Seahawks 17: The Aftermath

by Joe on November 28, 2011

Being a Seahawks fan has been very frustrating this year. For me the most frustrating part is you never know which team will show up. The Seahakws keep waffling back and forth from being a team I think is really starting to put stuff together to make a good run to a team that might be lucky to win another game. They will beat teams they have no reason beating (NY Giants and Baltimore Ravens) and lose to teams they have no reason to lose to (Browns and Redskins).

Red Bryant Seahawks

Two big blocks by Red Bryant were a highlight in a somewhat dismal game

I can write off a game like the Browns game to just a fluke. Every team has those. How else do you explain games like the Saints losing to the Rams or the Ravens losing to the Jaguars? Seattle laid an egg in that game and I didn’t really expect it again but it happened yesterday. For the most part the team just seemed a bit listless. They were coming off two wins, had some confidence and momentum, and just needed to play their game to beat the Redskins.

But the Seahawks came out listless and let the Redskins walk down the field 80 yards on 14 plays in 7:49 for an opening drive TD. This is a team that had only scored 3 points on their opening drives all year. Seattle should have been able to come out fired up on defense, make a play or two, and force the Redskins to punt. Don’t let them come into your house and walk down the field!

Seattle was out played badly early in the game but they were able to hang in there thanks to an interception by Brandon Browner and a blocked FG by Red Bryant. The Seahawks played a pretty bad first half but still went into the locker room tied at 7 with the Redskins. Obviously I would have loved to see the Seahawks go into halftime with a lead but I was pretty happy with a tie based on how the two teams were playing at that point.

Coming out of halftime the Seahawks played a pretty good third quarter allowing the Redskins only 49 yards of offense, forcing two punts, and intercepting a pass while the offense put together two good drives leading to a field goal and then a TD early in the 4th.

When the fourth quarter started they flashed some stat on the screen that was something like “The Seahawks have won 61 straight games in which they have started the 4th quarter with the lead” or something like that. I can’t remember the exact stat but it was very surprising. Seattle then went on to put an end to whatever streak that was.

They gave up a 28 yard TD run to Roy Helu with about 10 minutes to go. OK, Seattle still has the lead. Let’s put together a nice, game killing drive like we have the past couple weeks. Run the ball, complete some short third down throws, and let’s take some time off the clock and get some points on the board. That didn’t work. Run for no gain, run for 4 yards, and a sack for -9 yards on a blitz that was so obvious even Bill Leavy could have seen it coming. Jackson should have had a hot route ready or audibled out of the play or something. Instead he just dropped back and turtled. PUNT!

Time for the defense to step up and get a 3 and out. 15 yard pass to Sellers, 3 yard run by Helu, intentional grounding by Grossman. Third down and long! Make a stop! 50 yard TD to Armstrong. Crap. Browner is “covering” and along with getting a pass interference penalty he lets the guy make the catch. I hate to say it but I think I am done with Browner. Put someone else in there. Browner can make some good plays but he takes way too many penalties and blows too many coverages like this.

Still plenty of time for Seattle to make a comeback. 6:18 to go and Seattle is down by three. Just drive the ball down the field, make a couple first downs, and at least kick a FG. The kickoff was out of bounds so we started on the 40. Seattle only needs 25 yards or so for a decent FG attemps. But a chop block makes it 1st and 25. Short run, pass for 11 to Baldwin and then a deep pass to Baldwin he just missed. He did get punched in the face while he was trying to make the catch though. There was probably as much contact on this play as there was on Browner’s interference call but this one didn’t get a flag. PUNT!

Seattle gets the ball back with 2:34 left. Still plenty of time to tie this one up. Incomplete, completion to Obomanu for 8, penalty, short pass for 2 yards and then another sack. Pretty much game over at this point.

The Seahawks has PLENTY of chances to either put this game away or come back and tie it and take the lead but they squandered them. This wasn’t a game like the Pittsburgh game or even the Dallas game where the Seahawks were overmatched. This was a game where the Seahawks were the better team and they let an inferior team come into their house and steal one. Good teams don’t let this happen!

So frustrated right now!

Let me try to cheer myself up by thinking of some good things that happened in this game.

The Good Stuff

1. 111 yards by Marshawn Lynch – This was the 4th straight good game by Marshawn Lynch and his 7th straight with a TD. Lynch had 24 carries with an average of 4.6 per carry. I am loving the way Lynch is carrying the ball lately and love that he is averaging over 26 carries a game for the last 4 games. The Seahawks could have used a couple more carries in the 4th quarter but you can’t really fault Lynch for his performance.

2. Two more blocks by Red Bryant – That brings his season total up to 4 blocked kicks. He blocked a field goal and an extra point in this game that gave Seattle a chance to tie or win late in the game and he almost had another. Great effort by Big Red.

3. Two interceptions – Brandon Browner had a great interception in the first half where he snatched the ball from the receiver and Sherman had another pick as well. Seattle has been forcing more turnovers the past few games which is a good sign.

And now let me make myself grupmy again by looking at some bad stuff.

The Bad Stuff

1. 9 penalties for 91 yards – They could have tacked another 50 on to this if Browner would have not given up that TD. And Browner’s 15 yarder on the punt is horrible. If he hadn’t pushed that guy while he was out of bounds the Redskins might have been flagged for the gunner running out of bounds. That is a 30 yard swing at a key point in the game. Washington got 3 first downs from penalties and at least a couple Seahawks drives were severely hampered by penalties.

2. Receivers were running wide open – So many times in this game, especially early, the receiver would catch a ball with no defender near him. Most of these were short passes but I would have thought the Seahawks would have keyed on the short passes with Grossman at QB. And if you look at Helu’s numbers he catches a lot of balls out of the backfield. Not sure if this was a scheme problem or just players out of positon.

3. Worst tackling of the season – Seems like the Redskins were able to break quite a few tackles and get yards after contact. For the most part I have been very happy with how the Seahawks have tackled this year but it seemed particularly bad in this game. Helu was able to get out of a few tackles and he ended up with 108 yards on the ground.

I am gonna stop now. Getting too mad thinking of how bad this game was.

But now we look forward to a game on Thursday against the Eagles. At the beginning of the year did you think the Eagles and Seahawks would have the same record after 11 games? Most people probably had the Eagles with at least 7 or 8 wins but they only have 4. Just the same as the Seahawks. Both teams are coming off losses at home and they both have a short week.

Let’s get back on the winning track Seattle!!! This is a winable game for the Seahawks and they need to come out fired up and take control early. 9-7 here we come!

And to cheer myself up I am gonna look for some new Seahawks gear I can buy using these great Seahawks Cyber Monday Deals (shameless commercial)

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