How Do The Seahawks Stack Up Against The Other 4-6 Teams?

by Joe on November 22, 2011

Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks

Can Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks finish the season strong?

After the victory over the Rams on Sunday the Seahawks are now sitting at 4-6. Currently there are 5 other teams that are sitting at 4-6. How does Seattle stack up against them? Let’s take a quick look:

Cleveland Browns – Cleveland has a good defense but their offense is horrible. They have beaten the Colts, Dolphins, Seahawks, and Jaguars. The Dolphins are playing good now but they were horrible in week 3 when the Browns beat them. And the Colts? Jags? Not really marquee wins. Somehow they did manage a win against the Seahawks though.

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles were expected to contend for the Super Bowl this year but they have been nothing but a disappointment. Vick has broken ribs, Jackson is a petulant child, and injuries are starting to mount up. They have won against St. Louis, Washington, Dallas, and the Giants. The wins against Dallas and NY are solid victories but they have also lost to Arizona and Buffalo. They have had a fairly tough schedule but 4 wins at this point in the season is a disappointment.

Kansas City Chiefs – When your season is in the hands of Tyler Palko you know things aren’t going well. Injuries to key players like Eric Berry and Jamal Charles have put a damper on this season for the Chiefs. They started out horrendous losing their first two games by a combined 89-10 but the did string together four straight wins against the Vikings, Colts, Raiders, and Chargers. But they have lost their last 3. Looking at their remaining schedule (Pittsburgh, @Chicago, @NYJets, Green Bay, Oakland, @Denver) they could concievably lose out.

San Diego Chargers – San Diego started out the season on fire winning 4 of their first 5 games against Minnesota, KC, Miami, and Denver. But they have lost 5 straight and have looked pretty deplorable recently. Phillip Rivers is struggling, they have a ton of players injured, and have been looking rough. I don’t expect San Diego to win more than 3 games the rest of the year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Yet another underachieving team. The Bucs were a sleeper pick and Josh Freeman was supposed to take that next step towards greatness. But the Bucs have lost their last 4 games and Freeman has regressed this year. They beat Indy, Minnesota, Atlanta, and New Orleans so they have a couple good wins in there and their losses are to some very good teams (Detroit, San Fran, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, and Green Bay).

And we come to the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle has beaten two very good teams (Giants and Ravens) two pretty bad teams (Cards and Rams). The loss to Cleveland is probably the most inexplicable of the year and their other losses have come ot teams that most likely will be in the playoff hunt (SF, Pitt, Atl, Cincy, and Dallas). Seattle has 4 of the remaining 6 games at home and goes on the road to face a Chicago team without their starting QB and an Arizona team with really nobody at QB. Seattle has been playing great defense and has been running the ball well which is usually a formula for success.

So which 4-6 team is the best? Here are how they are ranked in some of the power rankings this year:

ESPN: Philly (22), Tampa Bay (20), San Diego (21), KC (22), Seattle (23), and Cleveland (24). Philly (17), Tampa Bay (20), San Diego (21), Seattle (22), Kansas City (25), Cleveland (26) Philly (15), KC (20), Tampa Bay (21), Seattle (22), San Diego (23), Cleveland (24)

Pretty much a consensus that Philly is the best 4-6 team and Cleveland is the worst.

Looking at the rest of the schedules I think Tampa and Seattle will end up with the best records out of this group. Maybe Philly. But KC, SD, and Cleveland are all in trouble.

The chances of any of these teams making the playoffs is very slim but Tampa, Seattle, and Philly could all finish right around .500. Tampa and Seattle both have relatively easy schedules to finish out the season but Tampa has lost 4 in a row and Seattle has won 2.

How would you rank these 6 teams? Will Seattle end up finishing with a better record than Tampa or Philly? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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