Cowboys 23 Seahawks 13 – The Aftermath

by Joe on November 7, 2011

Another week, another loss for the Seahawks. Once again there were problems but also some good things to come out of this game. But let me get one thing clear: 2-6 SUCKS!!! I hate losing these games. Looking back at the losses these are, for the most part, games that the Seahawks could have won. Yeah, Pittsburgh dominated us. But the other 5 losses were all winable for the Seahawks.

A quick message to any “Suck for Luck”ers out there: Go find another team to “root” for. If you coudl guarantee that getting Luck on your team would result in multiple Super Bowl victories that is one thing but there are just way too many first round busts that come out of college as the next “can’t miss” QB. I do think Luck is better than most of them but there is still no guarantee. I want the victories now! Draft position isn’t something that should cross our minds until the final snap of the year.

I am rooting for the Seahawks to go 10-6 and get the 32nd pick in the draft. Realistically? Probably looking more at 6-10 realistically though which last year would have put us in the 7-13 pick range.

Anyway, on to the game. The good and bad:

Good: 135 yards rushing for Marshawn Lynch and 162 yards rushing for the team. This is the first game where the Seahawks really committed to the run and had success. Lynch did have a 29 yard run but he was consistently getting right around 5 yards per rush which is excellent. The 23 carries by Lynch also allowed the Seahawks to keep the time of possession pretty even throughout the game.

Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks

Great tough from Marshawn Lynch all game against the Cowboys

Bad: They gave up 139 yards rushing to DeMarco Murray. Murray was able to bounce some good runs outside and the Seahawks were having trouble tackling him all game. There were many times it looked like he could have been stopped for a loss or no gain but he slipped through some tackles and picked up 8 yards or so. Seattle seems to have a bit more trouble with faster backs like Murray compared to more power guys like Michael Turner or Frank Gore.

Good: Tarvaris Jackson had 7.4 YPA. This isn’t a great number but it is higher than his season average (6.86). The 7.4 YPA would rank right about 13th in the league which is slightly above average. Of course a 9.88 number like Aaron Rodgers would be awesome but I am pretty happy with anything above average right now from Jackson.

Bad: 3 interceptions from Jackson. Yeah, one was a fluke defelected ball that hit 2 or 3 players before it was caught and one was a disputed call at the end of the game when he was just trying for a miracle but the second interception was pretty bad. For the most part Jackson’s interceptions haven’t hurt Seattle. Quite a few of them have been late in games when they realistically don’t matter or a hail mary at the end of a half or something. But no matter how much I try to sugar coat it that is still three interceptions. Some teams are good enough to come back from mistakes like that. Seattle isn’t at that point right now.

Good: The O-line only allowed one sack and that was very late in the game. Dallas is a pretty good pass rushing team going into this game and Seattle has given up a ton of sacks this year. Tarvaris Jackson had time to throw most of the game and was not under the type of pressure he had been in the past few games. This offensive line is getting better as a group as this season progresses which is a great thing to see.

Bad: No sacks from the defense. Other than Chris Clemons the Seattle pass rush is pretty non-exsistant. The Seahawks only have 13 sacks as a team which is pretty bad through 8 games. Opposing QBs have way too much time in the pocket and someone needs to step up and hit a few QBs. Maybe it is more individual effort, more creative blitzes, or something else but whatever they are doing isn’t working.

Bad: 10 penalties for 88 yards. The killers were Byron Maxwell getting called for the same penalty twice (not trying to get back inbounds). 10 penalties is way too much for a team like the Seahawks. Good teams can overcome penalties and turnovers but you have to be very good to do that. Right now the Seahawks aren’t good enough to overcome mistakes like this.

Good: This defense hits people. Kam Chancellor has been blowing people up all year and now Richard Sherman is showing he can lay the wood to people also. That hit on Dez Bryant at the goal line to force the fumble was a thing of beauty. I love the way this secondary hits people.

Good: The Seahawks are back at home at CenturyLink Field (link goes to a great review of the stadium) to face the Baltimore Ravens next week. The Ravens are coming off a great, tough game against Pittsburgh and could be a bit tired and beat up coming to Seattle. If there was a time to beat the Ravens this is it. The 12thMan will need to suck it up, get over this loss, and come out strong against the Ravens. And if Jacksonville can beat the Ravens the Seahawks can beat them.

A couple more quick thoughts about this game:

  • That Anthony Spencer FG block was pretty awesome
  • How can Fox get away without showing Romo’s botched hold from a couple years ago?
  • For some reason I really hate Miles Austin
  • Seattle had only one 3 and out. I like that
  • Loved Seattle’s 10 play drive in the 4th quarter. Great mix of run and pass. Kinda killed the clock with that drive though.

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