Would the All 22 footage be a good thing??

by Joe on November 9, 2011

Yesterday I was looking through FieldGulls.com Coffee and Cigarettes links and came across two different articles talking about the lack of access to the “All 22” game film from SmartFootball.com and WSJ.com.

To sum it up, the All 22 footage is shot from endzone cameras and gives a view of all the players on the field. This footage is available to coaches and some of the media but it isn’t available to fans. The main reason it isn’t available is, according to Charley Casserly (former GM who was on the competition committee) “it would open players and teams up to a level of criticism far beyond the current hum of talk radio”. Basically it would give fans more to talk about and more to complain about and they don’t want that.

CenturyLink Field Seattle Seahawks

The view from my seats in Sec. 149 in the Hawks Nest

When I first saw this article I thought I would love having access to that footage and rewatch games with that camera view as opposed to the standard sideline view. I have been a season ticket holder for many years now and my seats are up in the Hawks Nest which is on the north end of CenturyLink Field (still hate that name) and from there I have a view that is pretty similar to what the All 22 shows.

I have always loved those seats and the view I have. It is great to see running lanes open up, see passing routes develop, see what the secondary does, watch linemen pull and see the pass rush gaps develop, etc. It is a totally different experience than seeing the game from a sideline view and provides a totally different experience from watching the games from a sideline seat.

But I got to thinking… Do I REALLY want access to all that info from the All 22 view? If I did have access to that I would be breaking down a lot more plays, see that someone really blew a coverage, see that a receiver ran a wrong route or that a QB missed a totally wide open receiver, see that the RB had a great hole if they would have hit it sooner, and so on. It would take watching a game to a whole new level. And in some ways it would take the “fun” out of watching a game.

I am a Seahawks fan first and foremost. But I am also an NFL fan and a football fan. If I had access to the All 22 I would probably be a lot more critical about players, schemes, defenses, play calling and all the other stuff that goes into a game. In that sense Charley Casserly is right. I can see it taking a lot of the fun out of the game.

There is a lot to be said for just watching a game on Sunday with a few pops and some snacks and enjoying what you see. With the All 22 footage it would turn from “Darn, the Seahawks left that guy wide open” to “The Seahawks were shading their safetys to the left and the out route by the tight end took the linebacker out of the middle of the field leaving the corner route by the slot receiver wide open” or whatever.

Part of me wants to analyze every play, rewind and see how the line blocked, and watch each player individually but another part of me just wants to sit and be a fan. With all the information already available it is harder and harder to just sit, watch a game, and cheer for the Seahawks.

What do you think? Would something like the All-22 footage make you a better fan or would it take away from the pure enjoyment of watching a game?

BTW, if this footage was available for a price I am pretty sure I would pay it.

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