Looking at the rest of the Seahawks schedule

by Joe on October 4, 2011

After four games the Seahawks are sitting at 1-3. I don’t really think this record is too much of a suprise to too many Seahawks fans. Of course I was rooting for 4-o but realistically I would have been very happy with 2-2. Losing the San Francisco game stung but not too many people are shocked that the Seahawks lost to the Steelers or Falcons. And the Seahawks nearly won that Falcons game.

So how is the rest of the schedule looking? Do the Seahawks have a chance to finish the season with 7 wins? Maybe 8 wins? Maybe another NFC West title? Let’s look at who is remaining on their schedule:

Oct 9th at NY Giants: Eli Manning still isn’t consistent. The Giants as a whole aren’t consistent. Right now they are 3-1 but I don’t really think they are that good. This is a winable game for the Seahawks but those east coast early starts are always killers. The Seahawks will have a lot of positivity from this last game though and I think they will come out fired up. Other than Hakeem Nicks there isn’t a lot that scares me about the Giants. Victory for the Seahawks

Oct 16th Bye Week: Good time for a bye. Get healthy and come back strong Seahawks!

Oct 23rd at Cleveland: Cleveland is 2-2 but their victories have come against the Dolphins and Colts who might be the two worst teams in the league right now. Seattle wins.

Oct 30th Cincinnatti: The Bengals visit Seattle and I think Cincy isn’t terrible. Andy Dalton and AJ Green are pretty good but I still see Seattle getting the victory.

That right there is a three game winning streak!

Nov 6th at Dallas: This is an intriguing game for me. Tony Romo has been pretty crazy this year with all the bad interceptions late in games. But I still think the Cowboys will contend for the NFC East title and I think this is one the Seahawks lose. It isn’t an automatic loss for the Seahawks though. Dallas is good but not great.

Nov 13th Baltimore: This might be the toughest game left on the Seahawks schedule. The Baltimore defense is as disruptive as ever and they do have a pretty good offense although they did crap the bed against the Jets. Flacco is better than that. The Seahawks don’t lose many at home but I think they will lose this one.

Nov 20th at St. Louis: If the Seahawks want to win the NFC West they need to win this game. St. Louis has looked pretty bad this year and Sam Bradford seems to have regressed. Steven Jackson is getting older and they don’t haveĀ a lot of weapons. Seattle wins this one.

Nov 27th Washington: The Redskins are currently 3-1 with their only loss being to Dallas. For some reason I always seem to think the Redskins will be better than they are. But do you really trust Rex Grossman to keep the Redskins winning? I don’t so I think the Seahawks win this one at home.

Dec 1 Philadelphia: Seattle gets Philly on a Thursday night so they won’t have a lot of time to prepare. This will be a tough matchup for the Seahawks. Small, speedy, quick receivers like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin will give the Seahawks fits. Philly gets this one.

Dec 12th St. Louis: A Monday Night home game? The 12th Man will be in full throat here and will help Seattle get another division win.

Dec 18th at Chicago: Chicago is at 2-2 right now but their two losses were to the two best teams in the NFC (GB and NO). Matt Forte has had a great year so far but Seattle has played the run pretty well. This will be a tough road game for the Seahawks and I think they get the loss here.

Dec 24th San Francisco: There is no way Seattle would lose an important home game like this is there? This game could determine the NFC West title. San Francisco is currently 3-1 but they barely beat the Bengals and somehow managed to win that game against Philly. This very well could be the first game my baby boy will see (due date Dec. 22nd) and I really want him to start his life with a victory. Seahawks dominate this one.

Jan 1st at Arizona: There are worse places to be in winter than Arizona. Seattle showed they can beat Arizona already. I think Arizona will be out of the NFC West picture by this point so they won’t have much to play for. Seattle wins

Overall I like how Seattle’s schedule shapes up. They have some a couple tough games left. The Baltimore game scares me as does Philly but the rest of them are winable games. There will probably be a game the should win that they end up losing but if the Seahawks can play like they did in the second half against Atlanta I think they will be in good shape the rest of the year.

This will put is at 9-7 and that should be enough to win the NFC West. Is this being too optimistic? Probably. But I don’t think it is too far fetched.

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