3 Seahawks Jerseys Worth Owning This Year

by Joe on August 31, 2011

Every year I go through the same debate: Are there any Seahawks worthy of me buying their jersey?

For the most part I try to buy a new Seahawks jersey or two every year and occasionally I end up being happy with my purchase but regularly I am very disappointed a year or two down the road. Here is where my current collection stands:

Anthony Simmons: Gone
Walter Jones: Greatest Seahawk of all time and my go-to jersey on gameday
Michael Boulware: What was I thinking?
Koren Robinson: Never lived up to potential
Marcus Tubbs: Injuries never let him get going
Ken Hamlin: Never the same after the street sign
Deion Branch: Always injured
Shaun Alexander: Some awesome years as a Seahawk
Kelly Jennings: Traded to Cincy
Julian Peterson: Loved the signing but he never seemed to dominate like he should have
Aaron Curry: Still waiting for him to live up to potential
TJ Houshmandzadeh: Best years were behind him when Seattle got him. Decent year but not what was expected.
Russell Okung: Could be one of the best LTs in the game in a couple years
Earl Thomas: Great young safety

So that is 14 jerseys and only four of them are still wearable. Maybe five if you count Alexander. Picking jerseys is not an exact science and pretty much ever football fan’s closet is littered with busted draft picks, players who have been traded, free agents who signed elsewhere, injury riddled players who never lived up to their potential, and some sleeper players you hoped would make it big and you could say you had their jersey first. And that is part of the way we sports fans love to torture ourselves.

If I were starting from scratch with my Seahawks jersey collection which three jerseys would I start with? Which three players could I expect good things from for this year and at least another 3 years so I could have at least some longevity in my jersey investment? Here are three options I would go with if I didn’t have any Seahawks jerseys and wanted to start my collection:

1. Earl Thomas Jersey -

Earl Thomas Jersey

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There were some rankings put out a week or so ago that listed the top players at each position and these rankings had Earl Thomas as the 19th best safety in the league. Personally I think that ranking is a bit too low. Is he an elite safety like Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu? Of course not. But I would probably put him in the 10-14 range and he has potential to be a top 5 safety in a couple years.

This is just Earl Thomas’ second year in the league and during his rookie year he trailed only Polamalu and Reed in interceptions with 5. At 5-10, 202 he isn’t the biggest safety in the game but he does have the speed to make up for that. And he isn’t afraid to stick his nose in the running game and make a tackle. Thomas is still young and needs to do better in coverage but that will come with time.

Earl Thomas will be a great player for years to come in this league and hopefully he will be a Seattle Seahawk for most of that career. Buy your Earl Thomas jersey today

2. Russell Okung Jersey

Russell Okung Jersey

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For years Seattle Seahawk fans knew that the best left tackle in the game would be lining up for their team. That man was Walter Jones and he was as dominant a tackle as the league has ever seen. Now, after suffering through a string of less than stellar players, Seahawk fans can root for one of the best young tackles in the game today: Russell Okung.

In the Scouts, Inc 2011 player rankings Russell Okung was rated as the 12th best tackle in the game. That isn’t bad for a second year player who missed quite a bit of time due to an injury last year. Okung injured his ankle again this preseason but the injury doesn’t look to be as serious as last year.

At 6-5, 310 he has great size and quickness to handle the pass rush but also enough strength to be a great run blocker. Okung has great foot movement, natural body control and as he continues to grow and mature will be a superstar in this league.

I always love it when you can buy a jersey that isn’t just a QB, RB, or WR and I always love when you can get an offensive lineman jersey. For years the stands at Seahawk games were dominated by Hasselbeck, Tatupu, and Alexander jerseys and while they were great players for the Seahawks I always loved being able to wear my Walter Jones jersey and stand out a bit from everyone else. Russell Okung jerseys will have the same effect.  Order your Russell Okung jersey today.

3. Sidney Rice Jersey

Sidney Rice Jersey

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This one could be a bit of a risk. Sidney Rice has really only had one great year and missed most of last year due to injury. When it was good he was really good posting over 1,300 yards and 8 TDs for the Vikings in 2009.

Sidney Rice is a big receiver at 6-4, 202 and has great speed to go along with that size. Rice also excells at getting jump balls which could be very important this year with a somewhat inaccurate QB starting. Sidney Rice will need to fight opposing corners for the ball quite a bit and he should be able to do that well.

I also like Rice’s blocking ability. He won’t blow you away with his blocking ability but he is above average and should help spring the RBs for big gains. I also expect the Seahawks to use a lot of screen passes this year and Rice’s blocking ability will be very important.

The jury is still out on if Rice had one great year or if he really is a great receiver. I think he will end up being Seattle’s top receiver this year and will be a big part of the offense. With him and Mike Williams on the field together Seattle should have one of the biggest receiving duos sizewise in the league.

Incoming big name free agents are always popular jerseys and I expect to see quite a few Sidney Rice jerseys in the crowd at the games this year. Order your Sidney Rice jersey today.

So there you have it. Earl Thomas, Russell Okung, and Sidney Rice are my three jersey choices for this year. I already have an Earl Thomas jersey and a Russell Okung jersey so now I need to buy a Sidney Rice jersey.

Other players I considered:

Marshawn Lynch: Still want to see more from him. He really has only had one great play for the Seahawks
Mike Williams: Great comeback story last year but I want another good year or two
Zach Miller: Great TE but I am hesitant for some reason
Robert Gallery: Has been injured too much in his career
James Carpenter: I love rookie jerseys but he has shown nothing during preseason. Maybe next year.
Leon Washington: Don’t see him having a long career as a Seahawk

What jerseys are you thinking of going with this year? Leave a comment below and let me know.