A Potential Seahawks-Marvel Comics partnership???

by Joe on July 31, 2011

Very recently the Dallas Cowboys announced a partnership with Marvel Comics and they have released a line of shirts featuring Captain America. This makes a lot of sense since the Dallas Star is very similar to the star on Captain America’s shield. And with the Dallas Cowboys being America’s Team it fits great with Captain America. Take a look at a few of the shirts. All in all they are pretty sweet:

Some awesome new Captain America themed Dallas Cowboys T-shirts – See them all here

Dallas Cowboys Captain America T-shirt Captain America Dallas Cowboys T-shirt Cowboys Captain America
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All in all they do a great job of incorporating Captain America and the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas signed a deal to use pretty much all of the Marvel Superheros so that gives them a bunch of options and tie-ins to capitalize on.

The Cowboys are the only team to design, manufacture, and distribute apparel so that gives them more options when it comes to merchandise like this. There is a good reason they are the team that sells the most merchandise every year and other teams should learn from them.

I recently posted on Twitter (Follow me if you are on Twitter) about this and made a suggestion that if the Seahawks wanted to do something like this the Marvel Superhero that would be make the most sense would be Hawkeye, mainly since “Hawk” is in his name. He is a pretty cool comic book character and next summer he will be played by Jeremy Renner in the upcoming Avengers movie. If you saw Thor he had a cameo in there as well.

Anyway, soon after I posted that one of my Twitter followers, oOcHAWKOo (give him a follow while you are at it), said he would get to work on Photoshop when he got home and in short order he came up with this:

Seattle Seahawks

Overall I think that is pretty sweet looking. There are some great colors on Hawkeye and of course there are tons of cheesy sayings you could use for T-shirts like “Aiming for the Super Bowl” or other stuff like that. It might have been pretty cool to give Hawkeye the green Seahawks eye but I can’t really complain about something like that. If I ever tried to create something like this it would have to be with stick figures and crayons.

This also got me thinking about other Marvel Superheros that could tie in with other teams. I didn’t come up with ideas for all the teams but here are the few that I came up with off the top of my head:

Miami Dolphins – Namor
Cincinnati Bengals – Tigra (Or Kraven the Hunter)
San Diego Chargers – Electro
Washington Redskins – Warpath
St. Louis Rams – Juggernaut (because of the ramming)
NY Jets – The Blob (For Rex Ryan)
Baltimore Ravens – Night Raven (Mostly a UK comic)
NY Giants – Giant Man
Carolina Panthers – Black Panther
Minnesota Vikings – Thor

Some of these might be a bit obscure and would probably never have a chance of getting made even if the NFL signed a full deal with Marvel but others would be pretty cool. Can you think of any others for the other teams? Leave a comment below and let me know.


oOchawkOo July 31, 2011 at 1:09 am

Thanks for posting my work I get bored alot so let me know if u have any other ideas btw this reminds me about 6that’s months or so ago espn the magazine did a special with marvel and the nba and made a marvel cover for each team similar to this

Joe August 1, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Yeah, I remember that. There are also some Marvel-NBA shirts out there: http://bit.ly/rpEZlT I think the Celtics/Hulk one is the best of that bunch.

It is pretty cool when teams get creative like this. I don’t want them to go overboard but stuff like this, the Nike Hairitage shirts: http://mlb-baseball-jerseys.com/nike-hair-itage-shirts/ are pretty sweet.

oOchawkOo August 1, 2011 at 6:26 pm

Yup I got that randy johnson shirt lol when I get home im gonna start some photoshop project for funsies and montage each group of players to there unit like the d linemen the line backers secondary receivers ect …or at least start it . More I think about it the more I fear how big of a project it is lol once I do one ill compulsively have to do the rest!

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