12th Man on the Madden Cover

by Joe on March 21, 2011

The lockout/cba disagreement/lawsuits/union decertification/etc. will drag on for a long time. The players want more money. The owners want more money. Meanwhile who gets the shaft? The fans! We want to have teams to support, we want players to root for, and we want to spend thousands of dollars on tickets, jerseys, beers, hotdogs, hats, programs, and the like. It is our part of the equation and the players and owners are keeping that from happening.

So what can we as Seahawks fans do? We can show the owners and players that we matter! Of course I am not saying there should be any sort of boycott or we should turn in our season tickets to show them we mean business. That would be terrible. What we can do is show them that the fans are a greater part of the equation than the players or owners. How do we do that?

Well, it is a small step (maybe I am overstating the importance of it as well just so I have something to write about) but EA Sports and ESPN have given the fans the opportunity to choose the next Madden cover. Each team has a representative and the fans get to vote in a bracket to choose the winner. The Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers, the Saints have Drew Brees, and the KC Chiefs have Jamaal Charles. The representative for the Seahawks? We don’t need a player! WE HAVE THE 12TH MAN!!!! Check out the image below:

Vote for the 12th Man!!!!

That’s right. The 12th Man can be on the cover of one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. And why not? The 12th Man can have as big of an effect on the games as any player on the field. The 12th Man shows up at the stadium 68,000 strong 8 Sundays a year (And the Millions (and millions) watching at home). The 12th Man proudly supports their team through thick and thin. In 5 years when players have changed teams, retired, are holding out, or are injured the 12th Man will still be going strong.

Stand up and show those players and owners that the fans matter. Let them see that the fans are an important part of the game. Show them that without us they don’t have a league. Vote for some fans (the best fans in the league BTW) to be on the Madden 12 cover. And don’t worry about the Madden jinx. It can’t hurt the 12th Man!

ESPN.com Madden Cover Vote

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