Not Worried About the Running Game

by Joe on August 11, 2010

As of now I am not worried about the Seahawks running game.

Last year the running game was pathetic. Between Julius Jones, Edgerrin James, Justin Forsett, Louis Rankin, and a couple others the Seahawks were only able to churn out 1566 yards which was 26th in the league. Granted that was on only 395 attempts which was also 26th in the league.

The biggest reason the run game struggled was the offensive line. Many times the RBs were getting hit in the backfield and there isn’t a RB in the league that will put up consistent numbers when that happens. With the additions of Russell Okung and Ben Hamilton plus Max Ungar being in his second year I expect the O-line to do a MUCH better job this year.

The main RBs this year will be Justin Forsett and Leon Washington with Julius Jones getting some carries as well. I would guess Forsett will end up being the main runner with Leon Washington coming in on a lot of third downs to catch passes out of the backfield. The will also probably pick up a short yardage back when teams start cutting players.

I am pretty sure we will see Justin Forsett get around 1,200 total yards this year and Leon Washington will be pushing the 1,000 yard mark as well. Both players (and Washington especially) will catch plenty of balls out of the backfield which should slow down the pass rush and open the rest of the field for Hasselbeck and the receivers.

I will be very, very suprised if the running game doesn’t make a huge improvement over last year. I don’t think they will scare anyone as a top 10 running game or anything but they should be above average which is a huge step forward.

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